This week we tap into what makes Prince George, BC native, FMX rider, Luke Wheeler tick.

IMG_1703_1400x788 Name: Luke Wheeler

Instagram account: @210wheeler

Age: 28

Residence: Prince George, BC

Bikes for 2016: Ride a Cycle North 2015 Honda 450

Events for 2016: Teepee Creek Rodeo, Vanderhoof Air Show, BCNE Fall Fair

Favourite Venue: Kyle Demelos Camp H, and Hell Billy Ranch

Favourite MX/FMX rider: Probably Travis Pastrana. The guy is legend at everything he does.

Proudest FMX moment: The day I pulled for a flip! Unfortunately I landed not on my bike haha!


Event day meal: Berry smoothy

Pre show rituals: Don’t really know yet. I’ve only done one show up till now haha ask me again after this year is over!

Best memory from a show: Seeing kids smile from ear to ear!

Off season activities/hobbies: Mountain biking, hunting, snowboarding

What you love most about this sport: What I love most about the sport is how everyone I’ve met are so awesome and always helping each other out. The FMX group is very welcoming.

Goals for 2016: Ride in as many shows as I can. Learn new tricks. Take another stab at the flip. Just progress on and off the bike.Just want to thank all my sponsors for helping get to where I am today! Could do it with out them! FXR Racing, Cycle North, True Northern Ind, and Rad Inc. Eyewear, and Flossybumz