Name: Zac Commans

Instagram acct: zaccommans

Residence: Seal Beach, CA

Bike for 2016: KTM 250 SXF

Class for 2016: AMA Lites

Race series for 2016: Monster Energy Supercross, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, CMRC Rockstar Energy Drink Nationals

Favorite track: Glen Helen

MX rider you admire: I would say both Ryan Dungey and Trey Canard are riders that I aspire to be like, not only for their obvious abilities on a motorcycle but equally for the morals and ethics they both embody as people away for the sport.

Proudest MX moment: When I finished 2nd Overall in the All-Star event at the Monster Energy Cup.

Typical race day meal: Chicken and Rice

Guilty pleasure: Slurpees from 7-Eleven

Pre-Race rituals: Before lining up for any race I try to visualize the first lap as vividly as possible in my head several times.

Best memory from a race: Sitting on the gate of my first supercross event earlier this year and looking up at the tens of thousands of fans watching down on me.

Off Track activities/hobbies: I enjoy mountain biking and going to the movies in my free time.

What do you love most about this sport?: Aside from all of the amazing people that this sport has introduced me to and made a part of my life, I would say I most love the sense of freedom when racing. When the engine is running the most important thing in the world is how you will get through the next jump section or take the next corner, I have found nothing else in life that can be so engaging and give me so much satisfaction in return.

Goals for 2016: My goal for the 2016 supercross season was only to progress from event to event and to better myself each weekend. I felt that I was on track with that until plagued with what you could call the rookie-blues. Some unfortunate mistakes lead to untimely injuries and I missed out on the better part of the series. Being that I only intend to now contest the first two rounds of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series my goal there is simply to score enough points to have a two digit number for supercross competition in 2017.

Tyler Spikman Photo