Photos by Dawn McClintock

Ontario motocross saw a little history in the making this weekend with a combined effort of a few MX clubs. The AMO club held their Round 7 of the Atlas Brace Madskills series, MMRS had their provincial series Round 8 and this was also a Walton South Western Ontario ANQ for the Parts Canada TransCan this coming August. Can’t say enough good things about seeing clubs working together to make it better for riders and tracks alike. For some this meant their first time ever racing on the famed Walton Raceway and the turn out was incredible. With registration numbers hitting 570, this has become a bit of a record for Ontario MX racing. In speaking with Walton Raceway’s Mark Perrin he seemed very pleased with the turn out and he noted that there were also several Americans that made their way here this weekend to qualify for the Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Championship. All-in-all a win-win for everyone. The track was its gnarly self and the wind really kept the track workers on their toes keeping the track watered constantly. Many of our athletes joined the ranks this weekend and here is a quick look at some that were there.


#424 Austin Watling is always fun to watch out on the track. He went 2nd overall in the 250 Intermediate class, 3rd overall in Under 30 Intermediate/Pro and 4th overall in Open Pro.


Chantal Ouellet #22 went 9-11 for a 11th overall in the Ladies A class.


McKee Sport rider Dana Barrett #970 finished 33rd OA in the Supermini class and 12 OA in the Ladies A class.


#43 Tyler Hulley went 29th OA in 250 Junior and 27th OA in Open Junior.


Barrie, ON native Kyle Potter #44 packed in 3 classes this weekend going 11th in Open Junior, 12th in 250 Junior and 14th in Schoolboy 2 12-16.


Max Filipek #343 finished 8th in 250 Intermediate, 3rd in 450 Intermediate and 5th in Open Intermediate.


Mitchell VanGennip #752 went 4-3 for a 3rd overall in the Under 30 Beginner Class.



Jay Burke #38 battled it out with Kyle Keast in the Open Pro class.


Jay Burke #38 went 2-4 for a 3rd overall in the Open Pro class.


Burke also tore it up in the Vet 30 A class going 1-2 for a 2nd overall.


Hamilton boy Kyle Brown #14 finished the weekend with a 2nd OA in Schoolboy 12-16 and 2nd OA in Schoolboy2 12-16.


Brown also had a great finish in the 250 Intermediate class where he went 2-2 for 2nd overall for the day.


Lindsey Bradley #75 finished a respectable 7th overall in the Ladies A class.


With some earlier bike issues, Mia Barrett #971 on a borrowed bike went 2-2 for 2nd OA in the Girls 9-13 class and went 3-2 for a 2nd OA in the Ladies B class.


Mitch Rempel #57 had a solid ride in Open Junior going 8th overall for the day.



Mitch Rempel also finished 11th OA in Schoolboy 2 12-16 and 10th OA in 250 Junior.


#19 Ross Thirnbeck from Omemee, ON is fun to watch on the track with loads of style.


Thirnbeck swept the 85 12-16 class. His training with Kyle Keast is really starting to pay off.


Ross Thirnbeck #19 rounded out the day by going 2-2 for a 2nd overall in the Supermini class.


Seth Hughes #32 had an impressive 3rd overall in the 85 12-16 class.


Hughes also went 5-5 in the Supermini class giving him 6th overall.


Shayne Mercica #107 from Whitby, ON took the 7th overall in the Schoolboy 2 12-16 class and went 4th overall in the 250 Junior class.


#514 Shelby Rempel went 6-6 for a 6th overall in the 85 7-11 class.


Shelby Rempel slugged it out in the Supermini class taking a 25th overall for the day.


Travis Byrom #199 went 1-15 for a 12th overall in the Supermini class.



An impressive run for young Zach Sullivan #77 who went 3-5 for 4th overall in the 85 12-16 class.


Sullivan also went 9-8 for 9th OA in the Supermini class.


See you at the races!