Photos by James Lissimore

The Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian Nationals made a stop at the Pleasant Valley MX track in Truro, Nova Scotia. Plenty of notable riders from the east coast have notched their mark in Canadian motocross history and this week we caught up with one of them. Likeable, eastcoaster Davey Fraser from Enfield, NS fills us in on his weekend and his season.


Fraser at the Pleasant Valley track waiting for his gate pick.

FXR: Congrats on on another successful weekend! I guess it must have felt good to sleep in your own bed for a change. When did you leave to head west for round one?

DF: Yeah it was great for sure. I left home May long weekend so it was a long 7 weeks on the road. 


FXR: You’ve been on the road for a long time. How many times have you done the full national circuit?

DF: My dad and I did the full series way back in 2007 and then in 2008 I was doing it again but suffered a dislocated wrist in Edmonton about half way through the season. Since then Ive only done east rounds. 


FXR: What do you do for a living when you aren’t racing?

DF: Im a carpenter. So thats mostly what I do from September to May. 

2016 CMRC Canadian Motocross Series Wild Rose MX Calgary, Alberta June 19, 2016

Fraser chose to run the entire national series on his own, driving coast to coast. Here is is at the Calgary national.

FXR: You’ve kind of switched things up with your training this year. Tell us a bit about that.

DF: Yes, this year I put in some work over the winter training with Katie Ferris at KMF Athletic Therapy which I feel has been a pretty good game changer for me. I have also Ive got into road biking which I enjoy a fair bit. 


FXR: I’m guessing you’ve spun a few laps at Pleasant Valley in your day. What did you think of the track set up this weekend?

DF: Ive got a few laps for sure. I was really surprised at how smooth it stayed. I find it gets tougher at are local races, but Mitch and the whole crew did a great job I think. 


FXR: How did you feel about your ride this weekend?

DF: I was happy with the end results but feel I had more in me. Just never seemed to get my flow like I was hoping to. 

2016 CMRC Canadian Motocross Series Pleasant Valley Raceway Brookfield, Nova Scotia July 24, 2016

The entire Pleasant Valley track was filled with cheers for Fraser, their local favourite.

FXR: You had quite a fan base at Pleasant Valley. What is the story on your Fraser #36 t-shirts we saw out there?

DF: We made the shirts at the start of the year as a sort of fundraising deal. Didnt sell too many until this weekend and they were a big hit. It was awesome! Plus it helps put some fuel back in the truck. 


FXR: Will we see a lot of repeat Fraser #36 shirts this weekend in Moncton?

DF: Im sure hoping so. I think well see most of the same people this weekend plus maybe a few more. 


FXR: What have you enjoyed most about this summer?

DF: All in all its been a pretty good summer. Id say all the people that have helped me out and gave me a place to stay, cooked me some meals and helped out in anyway has been the coolest part. Canadian moto is like a big family. Its great. 


FXR: Randy over at Freedom Cycle has been taking pretty good care of you. How do you like riding the Husky this year?

DF: Yes, Randy has been great to me and without him its hard to say if Id even be out there racing. The bike has been great for me this year. Ive been happy with it. 


FXR: Will your plans include racing the Walton National Pro Open?

DF: Yes, thats in the plan book. I havent missed a Walton in 15 years. 

2016 CMRC Canadian Motocross Series The Wastelands Nanaimo, British Columbia June 12, 2016

Fraser the journeyman has come full circle at the nationals and will also line up for Walton this August.

FXR: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and all the best to you in Moncton this weekend. Did you want to give a shout out to the folks that help you get to the races?

Thank you. Id like to thank everyone who has made all this happen. Dave Butler has been the main man behind getting me to all these rounds so a big thank you to him. I would also like to thank: Aberdeen Paving, Rust Check, One Wind, Tupperware, Freedom Cycle, Husqvarna Canada, FXR, Twice Production, 100%, Atlas Brace, Runnestone Industries, HAF, MMMXP, Birch Hill MX, Pleasant Valley Motorsport Park, Day By Day Marketing, TNT Suspension, Gibson Tyre Canada, Bike Monkey, KMF Athletic Therapy


*Davey will probably kill me for posting this but this is the first time I met Fraser back in 2007 when I was working for Racer X Canada and he was picked to be one of our east coast riders for our Factory Rider for a Day program and he was also rockin the FXR brand back then too. It was fun to drag up some old footage of his early days and look at how far he has come.