Photos by Brown Dog Wilson

The Pacific Northwest has some of the most picturesque scenery you will find in North America. The scenic Washougal MX track is smack dab in the middle of some fairly epic examples of that. While the trees that hug the track really make for beautiful photos and offer shade for the spectator, it can leave the racer with instant light reduction with the dark shadows and then blast them into the blinding light when they come out of the darkness. Add to that challenge, Washougal is also known for being a slick, tough track that offers little traction. We had a few of our athletes there to compete, some of which made a very long journey to get to Washougal.


See what I mean about spectating? This track has tons of great spots to take in the action and what a view!


Zac Commans #203 hasnt had a whole lot of track time for the outdoors and it was great to see him back for Washougal.


Commans was shoved into the B group for practice because he hadnt been doing much outdoors. He proved himself and rode really strong, clocking in as the fastest rider for that session.


First moto, Commans was off to a great start, coming in around 7th off the first turn. After the next couple of turns he had worked his way up to 5th spot.


Commans working his way through the top ten pack. It can be a little intense when you realize youre running up near the front.


Running in the top ten in the first moto, got the best of Commans and he made a few mistakes, and ended up crashing in the sweeper before Horsepower Hill. He remounted now around 40th and managed to power through to finish 31st.


In moto two, Commans had a descent start and made a few quick passes toward the front but ended up in the Savagty, Webb, Martin pile up. Starting from dead last following that incident he pushed through a very long 35 minutes and worked his way back to 29th.


Certainly not the day Zac had hoped for but we all know he has what it takes to run up front and he proved that this weekend. Welcome back Zac!



Zac finished the day going 31-29 for a 33rd overall.


Heath Harrison #99 packed up the rig and made the long journey west with mechanic Tony.


With a poor start in the first moto, (literally, last place) Harrison put his head down and plowed his way straight to an impressive 19th place.


Heath came off moto one feeling like he had really rode well and was ready to take on the second moto and give it his all.


In moto two, Heath threw down a really good start, around 10th or 11th.


Rounding out the second moto, Heath rode like we know he can and pulled out all the stops, finishing 15th, giving him a very hard earned 16th overall for the day.


Henry Miller #297 also made the long haul from Minnesota.


Miller had a descent day going 28-25 for a 27th overall.


#670 Dylan Schmoke got pinched off in the first moto start and ended up around 38th going into the first turn. He pushed hard and worked his way up to 28th.


Dylan had a much better start in moto two and was top ten going into the first corner and was pushed out wide. He ended the day with his best finish yet this season with a 28-23 for a 28th overall.


See you when the series picks up again in a couple of weeks at Unadilla.