Budds Creek National

Mechanicsville, MD | August 25th, 2016

Well here we sit with just one more round remaining in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Outdoor Nationals. This past weekend we were in at Budds Creek track in Mechanicsville, Maryland and part of the battle this time around was facing this incredible heat and humidity. Some guys with shortness of breath, others just fading from heat exhaustion or some heaving up their cookies after a moto and heading to the medic tent for hydration, bikes sputtering, it was just a very taxing day for both rider and bike. This was a tough one for sure and it took its toll on all riders. Brown Dog Wilson was there to capture some of the action for us and here is what some of our athletes had to say about their day.


Heath Harrison had a good weekend at Budds Creek despite the sweltering heat.


Harrison qualified a solid 10th spot and he has been super happy running up with the top 10 guys.


In the first moto, Heath was running inside the top 10 for most of the race and slipped back to 12th towards the end.


Harrison on the line. In the second moto, Heath struggled from heat exhaustion but kept things on two wheels.


The temperatures at Budds Creek were bumping the 110° heat index.


Harrison finished the day with a well fought 12-20 to make a 17th overall.


Rough weekend for Henry Miller. He ended up winning the LCQ and got 25th in the first moto. He worked is way up to 18th in the second moto but started having some serious breathing problems. Hes ready to regroup and hope for cooler weather at Indy.


Justin Rando is looking to move his program forward and ready to put the work in to get where he knows he should be.


Alex Ray was also feeling the effects from the brutal heat this weekend.


When I guy tells the photographer hes going to lay down some whips for the camera…


…the photographer usually goes running with his tongue hanging out to catch some of these. A+ for style A-Ray!


Ray finished out the day exhausted and pulled through for a 30-31 for a 32nd OA.


Alex also premiered the new Pink/Hi-Vis/Black gear this weekend. Whos in for this combo?


In the first moto, Jerry Robin passed for 12th position and kind of freaked out thinking to himself, Wow! Im passing THESE guys!


During Robins little Im running with the top dogs moment, the heat got to him and he had an asthma attack that left him feeling pretty sick. He soldiered through and finished but he was feeling the effects from the humidex.


In moto 2, Jerry said he didnt ride like himself at all and knows he can have better finishes. Robin finished with a 34-19 for a 22nd overall.


New guy to the FXR team is Justin Starling who hails from DeLand, FL.


Starling finished the weekend with a 22-27 for 27th overall.

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson