Minnesota is becoming a hotbed of motocross talent these days and young Jerry Robin is proving that he is the next best thing to come out of the north. With another recent championship from the famed Loretta Lynns Amateur National Championship in the 250 All-Star A/B class under his belt, we managed to catch up with Jerry as he packed up and headed east to line up with the big boys at the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross National round at Unadilla this weekend.


A little celebrating in order after winning the 250 All-Star A/B championship at Loretta Lynns. Photo by Eric Shirk

FXR: Congrats on your big win at Loretta’s Jerry! For those reading that don’t know much about you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jerry Robin: Thank you! I am 19 years old from Hamel, MN. I really enjoy racing, traveling the countryside and meeting fellow motocross families.


FXR: You came off the injured list not long before Loretta’s was to start. How did you hurt yourself and how long had you been off?

JR: My injury back in mid-February happened at a pre-season GNCC race in South Carolina. I was leading at the moment of the crash. I just hit a hidden root under some leaves that I didnt see and the bars came out of my hands and ended up hitting a tree. I was so bummed because I was feeling so fast and ready to get with the XC1 guys for this year. I laid out in the woods for almost an hour with broken ribs and a broken L5 vertebrae. I couldnt really do much besides lay there which sucked. I was really freaking out honestly I thought that wouldnt be able to ride again. My back still bothers me when I ride. I would really get the itch to ride and go race a local harescramble or my area qualifier, although I really wasnt suppose to which probably wasnt the best idea. I finally got released to ride the week of my regional, so I got qualified for Lorettas. Another issue Ive dealt with the past 2 years is arm pump and it got really bad, to the point where I literally couldnt ride. So after regionals I ended up going to the Mayo clinic to get tests done and the doctors were shocked at the amount of pressure build up in my arms and they recommended I have the surgery done. I ended up getting it done to both my arms and about 13 days after surgery, I got my stitches out and drove straight to south of the border to get riding in before Lorettas. Kind of a long shot right? Believe it or not, today is when my doctor officially released me to ride after my surgery. Its been a rough past few years of injuries honestly.


Jerry Robin is no stranger to the LLMX stage with plenty of medals and trophies to show for. Photo by MX Matt

FXR: Wow, you really didn’t get much seat time in at all before the big week. How did you feel going into the week at Loretta’s?

JR: Going into Lorettas, I rode about 4 days my first week back and I couldnt even do 3 laps which was kind of intimidating because of how far behind I was and still am. The 2nd week (the week before Lorettas) I only rode 2 days and I was completely shot. I gave it everything I had in the days I rode and trained and my body was totally shot from recovering from the back injury and surgery. I felt like I was definitely able to make myself suffer enough to make the 20 minute motos but I just took all the pressure off myself going to Lorettas and just wanted to have a solid and all around fun week at the ranch.


Robin pushed himself to just make it happen at the ranch despite not really being cleared to ride yet. Photo by MX Matt

FXR: The weather turned for the worse during the Amateur week down at Loretta’s. I guess doing cross country/harescramble races would probably work to your advantage in sloppy riding conditions. Do you consider yourself a mud rider?

JR: Mud racing Ive always been good at! I won a Lorettas title in 2013 in the mud as well. Ive always grown up racing local harescrambles and in Minnesota usually the spring races are always muddy so I would like to say Im a good mud rider! Maybe its just the fact that I dont mind racing in it and everyone else hates it!


FXR: Do you train somewhere south during the off-season?

JR: I usually go down to south of the border training facility when Im getting ready for big races, but since Lorettas 2014 I havent been able to go just because I kind of took a step back for a while to try new things and be normal kid for a while and regroup.


Having friends and family there to cheer you on makes the whole week at the ranch just that much better. Photo by MX Matt


The championship becomes reality. Photo by MX Matt


The full weeks worth of sweat and mettle displayed in metal. Photo by MX Matt

FXR: Do you do any indoor events too?

JR: Still have yet to do an indoor race! AX and SX takes a lot of practice which I havent ever had the chance to do yet so hopefully after Ironman I can start dabbling on some supercross tracks to get ready.


FXR: You lined up at Unadilla for your first outdoor national this past weekend. How did that go for you?

JR: Yeah Unadilla man, so much history at that place which was awesome to make my pro debut there! Track was insane to be honest. I have never have rode something like that but Im always up for a good challenge and I really enjoyed myself. I was struggling to finish 20s at Lorettas and I never really thought about how out of shape I was before Unadilla, but I was either going to finish or die trying. [laughs] I have a lot of heart for racing again after I took my break for awhile and Im ready to make a really good comeback from my back injury. Before I got hurt, I planned on racing RedBud, Southwick and Millville and how I was riding before I got hurt I think I could have been for sure a top 10 guy. Looking back at the day at Unadilla, I just wanted to go out there and see what the pro scene was all about which honestly, I love the schedule. It fits me really well and I just like how it seems that everyone has respect for each other out there on the track. After my first moto I had a bad stomach ache, legs were cramping and I probably got too good of a feel of what its like to be a pro [laughs] but on the line of the 2nd moto I told myself to score points because you know you belong there. I ended up with a really bad start I want to say I was either last or one guy behind me. I came across the line in 19th but I showed I have heart and being off the bike that long and not even released from the doctor yet, you can make anything happen you set your mind to.


Jerry competed in his first pro national at Unadilla this weekend. Photo by Jacqueline Shortino

FXR: Your plan is to finish out the remaining outdoor nationals then?

JR: I plan on doing Budds Creek and Indiana. I want to just stay healthy and learn from these guys and get used to the program.


FXR: What are your plans after the nationals have wrapped up?

JR: My plans after this kind of are up in the air. We will see what happens after Indiana.

A taste of pro life has left Robin wanting more as he prepares to ride the remaining outdoor series. Photo by Jacqueline Shortino

FXR: Who is helping you out with your program now?

JR: Big part of my program is Broc Schmelyun. Hes raced his whole life and now he manages the Blue Buffalo, Slater Skins, Yamaha team. He knows what it takes to be a top guy with diet, nutrition, training and just everything! So Im excited to learn about all of this since I havent had that much guidance in the past.


FXR: Well thanks for taking time to chat with us Jerry. All the best to you at Budds Creek this weekend and whatever the next chapter holds for you.

JR: Thank you!