Ironman National

Crawfordsville, Indiana  |  August 31, 2016

If anyone was hoping for a mudder, they sure got their wish at the final round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in Indiana. Rains prior to race day made for a challenging track with deep, soft mud that put everyone to the test. It certainly slowed down lap times and added some extra girth to the bike, but for the mud rider, it gave them a chance to finally show off their skills and like pigs in muck, made some fun while doing it. Heres a few guys who went all out at Ironman and made the best of what was a mud fest.


Heath Harrison had an up and down day at Ironman where he came out strong and qualified 13th.


Pretty hard to keep a straight face when youre lined up next to Alex Ray.


In the first moto, Harrison came from way back in the pack up to 15th and ended up finishing 17th.


As you can tell, the mud became a bit of an issue for the bikes.


Tough, early finish to Harrisons day with a DNS in moto two because his engine cases were cracked.


Harrison got to line up with Andrew Short who called this Ironman his last of his pro career. Oh, hi Alex. (Entertainment committee on the other side.)


Jerry Lorenz was happy with his ride at Ironman. After his first moto, his good friend Nick Wey came over and showed him some video on how to improve things and rode much stronger and ended up 19th with a 23rd OA. Jerry was pleased to finish in the top 20, knowing thats where he belonged.


This was probably the one guy out on the track who had the most fun in the mud on Saturday. Henry Miller is a hardcore mud rider from Minnesota.


Miller loves riding in the mud and deep ruts, so this was his chance to really ride how he knows he can. With some electrical problems in the first moto, he knew he had to pull it together for the second one.


Henry came out swinging in moto two and got a really good start.


Henry got his leg stuck in someones rear wheel in the third corner so he was riding around 20th. He ended up finishing that moto 19th and got himself a 22nd overall for the day and his best ride of the year!


Alex Ray with clean gear, rubber side up.


Ray struggled keeping off the ground. Cant imagine why…


Alex Ray airing it out and hoping to avoid the mashed potato section on the landing.


Stylish as ever. Ray was showing off some of the new 2017 FXR gear at Ironman.


Deep Thoughts: by Alex Ray.


Mixing things up with Weston Peick.


Well that gear didnt stay clean for very long. Roost sandwich that really sticks to your ribs.


Dont smile Heath. A-Rays intimidation skills hard at work on the line.


Jerry Robin had a good start in moto one and was passing quite a few guys. He landed off a jump and figures he must have had water in the electricals from washing. He felt this really effected how things ended up.


Robin had a good start and got into around 12th spot where he tried to settle into a pace but got too comfortable and ended up being passed. When he picked it back up, he ended up landing in some bumps the wrong way and went down hard hitting his head. He took the smart way out and decided not to finish. Results didnt show his speed but hes feeling good about where things are headed for next year.


The unknown rider that showed up this weekend proved he could run with the big boys. Canadian, Dylan Wright qualified 3rd and showed he had the speed.


Wright running his first ever pro national in the USA and finished an impressive 21-16 for a 19th overall.

Photos by Brown Dog Wilson