Catching up with Brandon Hartranft

September 16, 2016

Every year Vurb Moto hosts a series of races called the Vurb Classic. These events are all held at different local tracks that are of national calibre. The whole idea is to attract some of the fastest and up-and-coming amateurs to show off their skills and get recognized for it. Among their many awards they hand out over the course of the race weekend, the most sought after award is the FMF King of the Classic trophy. We are pleased to announce that one of our riders, Brandon Hartranft was the proud new holder of that very title. We caught up with Brandon to learn more about the event and just what it means to hold such honour.


FXR: Hey Brandon, thanks for taking time to chat with us. Congrats on your big win at the Vurb Classic. Tell us how this all came together for you.

BH: This all came together in a week. I blew up all three 250s at Loretta’s and at some other races. So it was a struggle to get my bikes together before this race. We finally got a stock 250 together and it was a last minute decision to race that race. It was very thankful to be able to sign up.


FXR: What class/classes did you ride and was there a limit to how many classes you could enter?
BH: Saturday I raced 250 A and 450 A. Sunday I raced 250 PRO-AM and 450 PRO-AM. There was only 2 classes each day for A class.




FXR: We understand that the format is slightly different where they have something called “Hired Guns” included in the mix. Could you tell us how this format works?
BH: To be the hired gun of the race you have to be the most consistent rider of the week with the most moto wins in your classes. This year I was tied with 3 people for the hired gun.


FXR: So you must have been riding with a few fast guys there. Any notable guys you can name that you raced against?
BH: I raced against some good riders. I was up against Max Tannenbaum, Josh Cartwright, James Weeks, Andrew Dincol, Tristan Lane and Austin Root.


FXR: The final overall kind of came down to doing some crazy kind of math because you had tied with those other guys. How did they make the final call on who wins?
BH: The reason I won is because my classes were more stacked and had more riders in them. Im very thankful I won that award. I have never won it before and never been to a Vurb Classic besides this year. So Im very happy.


FXR: They put on a few of these races throughout the year. Was this a race that was in your region and on a track you had raced before? 
BH: I actually have never raced this race or track before so I drove down in the van from New Jersey to Georgia to race this race. I heard some up and downs about this race, but I really like the track. It was rough, rutted and very fast.



FXR: This FMF King of the Classic award is a pretty prestigious thing to have. It must have felt pretty cool to be THE guy to get to hold that piece of metal when the weekend was done. How did it feel?
BH: It felt really good to win it. Like I said, Ive never been to a Vurb Classic, so to be the guy to win the King of the Classic at my first time was pretty badass. I opened some eyes and a lot of people were happy for me. I have been putting in a lot of hard work lately and I’m glad its paying off.


FXR: The outdoor season is kind of wrapping up around here at least, what are your plans heading into 2017?
BH: There are still come races for me this year. I have to race the Kawasaki Race of Champions, then I race Monster Energy Cup, then Mini’Os. For 2017 I might do some arenacross, then some amateur nationals, some qualifiers for Loretta’s and then go up to Canada and hopefully and race the nationals up there. Then I will do Loretta’s one last year for my amateur career, but were not sure if those plans are for sure.



FXR: Wow, you’ve got a lot of things slotted on the calendar already. So there might be a chance we will get to see you back up in Canada again next summer?

BH: There is a chance for me to race Canada next summer. I have some pretty exciting things in the works with a team. Ill be very thankful if it all works out


FXR: I’m sure there’s a ton of people who help you get to the races every weekend. Give your sponsors a little shout out.
BH: Yeah for sure. I cant thank my family enough for all the years sticking behind me. My mom and dad. FCC Motosports, Brewer Cycles, Ohlins, 100%, FXR, Razor Image, South of the Border, Mika Metals, Dunlop, EVS, DT1, Boyesen, Tamer Hole Shots, ICW, Betray, Traders Racing, Eleven 10 Mods, VP, Hinson, FMF, Traction Mx.


FXR: Thanks again Brandon and big congratulations on winning such a coveted award!

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