New Recruit

Australian Geran Stapleton | September 23, 2016

By Dawn McClintock



With a freshly inked contract from one of our Australian FXR reps, Geran Stapleton once again has his sights set on North America. One month ago our friends over at Ride Tribe signed the 24 year old Stapleton to be part of the Australian FXR team and he has started his long, winding journey back to the top following close to a year on the injured list.

Coming off a solid SX season in Australia last year (he finished 4th overall in the series), Geran decided to give the AMA Supercross series a go. He was all set to go, plane tickets bought, place to stay, bike to ride, but as fate would have it, he ended up wadding himself up pretty good and messed up his hand prior to leaving for the States. He figured it was his one chance to head to North America and prove himself and his ticket was already purchased, so he toughed it out and went with the hopes that things would heal up. So off he went to America and got set up with his ride. Unfortunately, a few get offs on practice tracks and then finally another crash in his heat race at A1, his hand was only damaged further. This swept all dreams of doing any more AMA Supercross so he packed it in and went back home to Australia where doctors told him his hand would require surgery and a long rehab before he could even get on a bike again. Some of the surgery he had done involved having his coccyx bone removed (you might want to google that procedure to see just how gnarly that is) and that is why he was laid up for seven months.



Just over a month ago, Stapleton was given the green light to get back on the bike and start practicing. Fortunately for him, this coincided with the Australian Supercross season so he had to cram as much training in as he could to be ready. The SX has just kicked off in Australia and Geran is back running with the front of the pack where he belongs, but he will tell you hes not satisfied with it and knows he can do better. Hes been battling with some pretty fast guys and if this is an indication of how he rides when hes just come off injury, we are excited to see how he will do once his fitness is back up to 100%.

Hes currently running against some pretty fast guys like Jimmy Decotis and Gerans lap times are faster and showing that he certainly has the mettle to run in the top 5. This will be his testing ground to see where things head for shifting to some North American plans. Yes, you cant keep a good guy down. Geran hasnt let the hours of sitting on the couch get him down. He has his eyes focused on the prize and he is going for it. Once he has rounded out the Australian series his plan is to again head back to California where he would like to line up for the AMA Supercross series and hopes to squeeze some arenacross in for preparation for this.


While youre setting the bar high, why not keep it up, right? Geran has taken notice of some of the high profile guys who have come up to Canada to race its national series and figured its worth pursuing. He is making plans to include Canada on his bucket list next spring and line up to race the Canadian Rockstar Energy Drink Nationals. He is still looking for added support to make all of this happen and hopes he can find a few sponsors to back him so he can go out there and continue to chase his dream on this side of the world. Keep your eyes peeled for this guy when he hits the scene here and we will follow up with him to find out where his program is at after the Australian SX series. We think he will be turning a few heads. All the best to you Geran!