Alex Ray In Sweden

24MX International SX  |  October 13, 2016

by Dawn McClintock


When Alex Ray saw the opportunity to race in Europe this past weekend, he jumped at the chance. The third annual 24MX International Supercross took place October 8th in Stockholm, Sweden and he was lined up against some of the usual suspects he typically races against in North America. The likes of Adam Enticknap, Dustin Pipes, Fredrik Noren, Josh Hill, Ricky Renner and Vicky Golden are all household names in American Supercross, but all chose to come over to Sweden to take a shot at competing against some fast riders from all across Europe and the UK. Over 6,000 tons of dirt was hauled in to the Tele2 Arena to prepare what would be a full-scale American-style (as they like to refer to it) technical supercross track. Here are a few shots of Alex from Swedish photographer, Magnus Kvick who was happy to share his images with us.


Alex waits in staging in a packed arena.


When the gate dropped they even had pyro fired up to add to the show.


Ray was fortunate enough to have a dealer arrange for a bike and Ohlins was just down the road so he had a great SX set up.


Alex had a smooth set up and his speed was certainly there.


He said he just needs to work on a few little things to get his A-game ready for round one at home.


Ask Ray and he will tell you that this was one of the coolest experiences hes ever had.


It was an awesome experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat!


Alex being hunted down by Jack Brown-Nell.


Not quite capacity crowd but a good turn out at the Tele2 Arena.


Alex said he got to hang out a fair bit with Enticknap and Pipes. We ate at the same place every day. Im sure they indulged in the finest pickled herring they could get their hands on…every day.


Ray is geared up to come back again for next years event.


Time for the race face under the glow of the fluorescent light.


GMS Sports sponsored some mini riders decked out in their FXR jerseys to race the Kuberg electrical MX bikes.


Photos by Magnus Kvick