Team Sweden at the ISDE Spain

Day 2 | October 12, 2016

By Gjermund Frostad


Sweden’s Junior Trophy Team is still in the lead at the end of Day 2.  FXR riders, Albin Elowson was 13th and Jesper Borjesson was 28th for the day. In the overall for the Junior Trophy class, Albin is currently 3rd and Jesper is sitting comfortably in 5th.
The high country of Spain can get pretty cold and the FXR athletes were sure glad that they packed their Cold Cross jackets for the trip.
Day 2 total: 1) Josep GARCIA, SPA, Junior, 39:20.44. 2) Taylor ROBERT, USA, 39:26.84. 3) Daniel SANDERS, AUS, 39:31.02. 4) Giacomo REDONDI, ITA, 39:50.59. 5) Luís CORREIA, POR, 39:52.62. 6) Jamie MCCANNEY. GBR, 39:54.18. 7) Kailub RUSSELL, USA, 39:57.73. 8) Daniel MCCANNEY, GBR, 40:05.75. 9) Jonathan BARRAGAN, SPA, 40:06.74. 10) Manuel MONNI, ITA, 40:08.49. 13) Albin ELOWSON, SWE, 40:23.10. 27) Micke PERSSON, SWE, 41:08.68. 28) Jesper Börjesson, SWE

Albin and Jesper watting for their time to start.


It can be challenging getting the right amount of nutrients to pull you through entire the day. Albin grabs some fast food before heading back out.






Amanda Elwin under the Team Sweden tent.


A slightly less dusty Albin Elowson on Day 2.