By: Josh McFaddin (FXR Marketing)

        Over the past month I have been able to shoot some emails back and forth and have conversations with different FXR sponsored athletes. Johan Forsberg, a seasoned rider and a part of the mountain team, is one of them. He lives all the way in Kalix, a town in northern Sweden, with the quaint population of about 7,299 people, close to the border of Finland, and nestled alongside the Baltic Sea.

        Johan stands out in a lot of ways. He’s got a wicked ride style, sticks almost exclusively to the backcountry, and doesn’t seem to be afraid of heights at all, but one of the more noticeable ways would be his loud and colorful appearance. This is a guy who doesn’t shy away from the most vibrant options available, sporting them on his person and on his unique sled wraps.

         Check out the following Q&A to and find out a little more about this cool guy and his love for the shred, sled and snow.

JM: Where did your love for snowmobiling begin?

JF:Well the snowmobile thing started after I saw the first Slednecks movie back in the late 90s on VHS.  I got a old sled (Yamaha stx 440 1980 something) from my dad a few months later.

JM: When did you start riding in the mountains?

JF: My first real time in the mountains was in 2012 in Riksgränsen Sweden.untitled-20

JM: In the fall months, what are you doing to prepare for the upcoming season?What is the most exciting part of winter preparation for you?

JF: Ive started to work out more and more in as pre season practice because the stakes and risks are getting higher every year.

The most exciting part about winter is probably the first real deep day in mid December and the last slushy shreds in June.  

JM: Okay, so one of the bigger questions… What are you riding this season?

JF: Last season’s 2016, and the new 2017 Polaris 800 Pro RMK.untitled-4334

JM: We have all seen your sled wraps, and they’re pretty amazing. Who do you get to come up with the artwork?

-What do you think of all of the possibilities there are these days with modern technology and how we can wrap a sled?

-Is it hard to decide on what you’re going to wrap your ride in?

JF: Ive always wanted to stick out of the crowd and when I got introduced to Fxr and all its crazy colours I just had to match up my sled. This season wrap is designed by Mattias that is the owner of Swetown that is the biggest wrap company in Sweden.  We have had a great collaboration and back and forward about the design and I really like how it turned out.

I think its so cool that you can design and development your sled with paint,  graphics and other mods that makes the sled look and rides as you like it.  

JM: There are a lot of different accessories you can bolt onto a sled. Tell me your favourite and why.

JF: I guess my favorite thing besides a crazy wrap is clutching.  Its a pretty cheap mod that totally change the way your snowmobile runs and handles in different types of environment.untitled-4028

JM: You’ve been sporting FXR gear for long enough to know that you really like it. What is your all time favourite piece of gear that you own?

JF: The thing I love about FXR is that they have such a complete catalog with all types of gear and accessories. And they are on the top of the line in almost every thing they manufacture. But if I have to choose any thing its the 4 way stretch monosuit.  It feels so light and follow every single move I do without holding my mobility back. And it keeps me dry all day long.

JM: What’s the best piece, in your eyes, in the new 2017 winter collection? What’s your favourite color of that piece?

JF: Im kind of sad that the pink / Hi-vis mono aint 4 way because thats definitely my favorite color mix so far.untitled-19

JM: We have been able to see some amazing footage of what you can do on a sled. What is coming up for this season? Are you planning to up your game and learn any new tricks?

JF: I ride backcountry and I feels like every year I push my riding a bit more.  I cant really say exactly what I want to develop or do, just work on my style and do things smooth and make them look easier.

JM: Who do you like to hit the snow with? Give a shout out to your crew and why you like to ride with them.

JF: The guy I ride most with is my old friend Tomas Wallerström (T_walla) We like the same type of technical backcountry riding and hes a great easy going person to be around if something breaks down or if you run into any kind of problems.

JM: You came out to Canada last year with Maria Sandberg for the FXR dealer show, experienced some pretty extreme trail riding, but didn’t get to see the mountains. Are you planning on coming back to Canada this year and touring the mountains at all?

JF: The 2017 FXR release was a crazy experience and it was one of my best memories from last season.

Im planning a couple of trips to Canada this season, one in the early pow season, and one for the Fxr spring shoot so Im keeping my fingers crossed for this. But nothing is booked.

Im also gonna host a backcountry clinic in northern Sweden and this is a collaboration with Fxr Europe so Im really stoked for it.  No dates is set but were working with the details now and I can hopefully present this event in a few weeks.

JM: So all summer it seemed like you had a pretty amazing time on your new water toy, the Seadoo Spark. How much do you love riding that thing compared to being on your sled?

JF: This summer was totally amazing,  we had probably the warmer Swedish vacation in a long time and it was really nice to have my Spark and play around with.  untitled-8476-2

JM: Give me an idea of the full kit you’ll be sporting this season.

JF: From top to bottom,  Blade clutch helmet in hi vis/char/Black because its lightweight and Hivis, Maverick mono Hi-vis/pink /navy because its my kind of colors Attack lite gloves black because I like tight gloves so you get good feeling of the bar. Hivis elevation lite boa boots because they are so slimed on the outside 🙂

Check out Johan on Instagram and Snapchat!

IG: @mynameisjohan