Calgary AX

FXR Squad | November 8, 2016

Photos by Clint Trahan

Well thats a wrap for the Canadian AX Tour with its final stop this past weekend at the Agrium Western Event Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Here are a few photos from the action courtesy of Clint Trahan.

Moody skies at Calgarys Agrium Western Event Centre.

Keylan Meston #8 charges hard and puts on a bit of a clinic in Calgary.

Jess Pettis #20 with Chris Blose #101 on the hunt behind him.

Being this close to Pettis in the corner, might get you more than you bargained for…

…kind of like this dirt sandwich.

at Agrium Western Event Centre on November 5, 2016 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Clint Trahan)

Alberta rider Teren Gerber took both Intermediate championships and pulled off a 9th in the Pro Lites main.

Jess Pettis pushed through the pack in the Open main where he went from dead last and work himself up to an impressive 5th place.

Banging bars…its gonna happen.

Pettis digging in hard, pulling off a 3rd in the Lites main.

A familiar sight, seeing Keylan Meston on the podium. Hes got this indoors thing nailed.

Meston strikes another pose for the Calgary crowd this time.

Meston #8 launches it off the finish line jump.

Blasting off the gate with Pettis and Meston bar to bar.

at Agrium Western Event Centre on November 5, 2016 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Clint Trahan)

Flawless is a good word to describe Jess Pettis mad AX skills.

Fist pump and night one in the books for Pettis.

MX101 rider Jess Pettis plows right through leading the pack.

A solid run for Davey Fraser finishing 4th in the Open main.

at the South Okanagan Events Center on November 4, 2016 in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo by Clint Trahan)

Cycle North Honda rider Davey Fraser finishes 7th in the Lites main.

Fraser serving up some fresh roost for the camera.

Log jam coming into the corner sure kept things interesting for the crowd.

Artsy shot with Keylan Meston.

Your Clash for Cash winner. What a ride for Jess Pettis! All thumbs up

It was a really good weekend for FXR on the podium in Calgary.

Pettis congratulating Meson on such a great ride.

All star podium for the Clash for Cash, Pettis, Blose and Meston.

See you guys next year!