November 25-27, 2016 Spirit Mountain

Writing and Photos by: Crystal Wallem


The much anticipated Snocross season opener has come and gone, and what a great kick-off weekend it was! For starters, WE HAD SNOW, despite the tropical weather that proceeded the race weekend. Thanks to everyone at Spirit Mountain for pumping out enough snow for our ISOC crew to make a killer track out of. Take that, mother nature.


We started the weekend out right with some fierce battling going down as the Pro Am Women took the track.


Woodies Racing’s Jennifer Martel is thumb-to-bar as she blasts out of the corner and heads towards the uphill.


Kassie Thibodeau of Team Southside shows off her multi-colored skis as she goes 3-2 in her heats.


…annnd manages to pull off a 2nd place podium to finish off the night!


High fives all around!

Next brings us to the big event of the night; the fast-paced, intense Amsoil Dominator Cup, consisting of a series of head-to-head, single elimination, lap and a half battles.


Team LaVallee’s Kyle Pallin studies the track just before taking on Tucker Hibbert in the Dominator.


And we’re racing! Kyle and Tucker rocket through the night sky as they accelerate down the first stretch of the track. You can already tell it’s going to be a close battle.


Kyle and Tucker duke it out side by side through the FXR corner.


With the crowd going wild the entire time, FXR’s very own Kyle Pallin takes the win over Tucker Hibbert and advances to the next round. Tucker pays Kyle a congratulatory handshake for a solid victory.

On day two of racing, a brand spankin’ new class had its debut in the ISOC series; Snowbikes! These snowmobile-dirtbike hybrids are quite the site as they soar through the sky with one less ski than we’re used to seeing. Some might argue that the best part of the weekend was taking in that sweet smell of the bikes’ burning race gas that filled the air while they were on the track… mm mm mmm!


David Fischer hanging out on his Husky, enjoying that Superior view.


You may recognize this cat from years prior racing Pro Open on his Arctic Cat, but this year Cody Thomsen decided to lose a ski and try out his luck on a Snowbike.


The future of Snocross having a little pow-wow before making their way to the starting line.


Everyone’s happy to see Justin Broberg back on his Arctic Cat, making his first appearance as a Woodies Racing rider!


Hentges Racing’s Petter Narsa flashes us the back of his crisp, new FXR jersey.


Pro Am Plus 30 rider, Bobby LePage, looking back at the pack as he takes the win in his second round.


Pro Lite rider, Martin Moland, showing off to the crowd.


It isn’t the weekend unless you’re getting a little sideways. Andrew Carlson showing us how it’s done.


We know we aren’t the only ones excited to see Kody Kamm back on the track after being out due to injury for the majority of last season.

FXR riders flooded the podium this weekend, making us proud!


Carson Alread with a celebratory fist pump as he clinches the win in his Sport Lite final.


Niklas Gronlund took the 3rd spot and joined Carson on the podium.


This bright face, sporting even brighter gear, was all smiles on the podium for the Transition 8-10 final. Cameron Cole proudly clenches his 2nd place plaque.


FXR sweeps the JR 16-17 podium with Eric Downs in 1st, Carson Alread in 2nd, and Niklas Gronlund in 3rd.


Milt (owner at FXR Racing) looks on proudly, waiting to congratulate the victors!


Milt joins Ryley Bester and crew to help celebrate Ryley’s 1st place finish in his Sport final.


Aki Pihlaja, hailing from Finland, made his debut as Boss Racing’s Pro Lite rider.


Aki starts off his American career with a 2nd place podium finish!


Iceman waves the checkered flags, and night two of racing is in the books.


What was supposed to be day three of racing turned into a morning of playing the waiting game as mother nature reared her ugly head and blanketed the track with heavy fog. After a 3 hour fog delay, for the safety of the riders and track workers, the call was made to cancel the races for Sunday. ISOC will discuss whether or not these races will be made up during an event in the future.

We’ll see you all in Winter Park, Colorado in a couple of weeks!