Weekend Update

November 21, 2016


By Dawn McClintock

For being the off-season we sure have had quite a lot going on lately and fairly large scale things have been happening for some of our athletes. As the snow blows around just outside my office window today, we look south of the border to where all the action has been taking place.

AMA EnduroCross Championship  |  Ontario, California


The number one big deal this weekend of course was top Canadian MX/off-road/enduro/what-else-can-I-tackle ladies rider, Shelby Turner being crowned the Womens Champion in the 2016 AMA EnduroCross Championship in Ontario, California.


Shelby ended up with the points lead after winning 6 of the 8 events and a solid 2 second place finishes. Congratulations Shelby!


Shelby proudly displaying her #1 plate and her new #1 Turner jersey | Brown Dog Wilson photo


Thats a whole lot of 1s and a whole lot of talent in this photo. Shelby sharing a victory moment with champ Colton Haaker. | Renee Turner photo


Shelby also shared the stage with 3 time Junior champ Ty Tremaine. | Renee Turner photo

AX Tour  |  Bowling Green, Kentucky

Next stop for a few of our racers was the AX Tour that had their first round in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Alex Ray and Sam Gaynor were a couple FXR backed riders who lined up for round one.  Fortunately, Billy Rainford was on his way to Florida for the Mini Os and he stopped in on Saturday night to catch some of the action. Billy had time to have a few words with Alex about what hes been up to. You can read it here.


Alex Ray had a decent night in Bowling Green where he finished third in the 450 main and he went fourth in the Clash for Cash. | Billy Rainford photo


Erin, Ontario native Sam Gaynor took the win in all three classes in the day program as well as the Amateur All-Stars race during the night program. He finished 3rd in the combined Youth/Schoolboy class with a full gate. Sam is working on getting some help to transport his bike to some more AX Tour rounds. Lets hope he can make that happen. Congratulations to you Sam!

Mini Os  |  Gainesville, Florida

Today was the official start to the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics (Mini Os) in Gainesville, FL. Billy Rainford made his way south from the AX to take in some of the racing today and found a few of our athletes in the thick of competition.


You may remember Bay City, MI rider Landrey Hazen from the Walton TransCan or Loretta Lynns this past summer. She competed today in the Girls (9-11) and finished 5th in her first heat. | Billy Rainford photo


Tristan Dares from Rockwood, Ontario made the journey south and he finished 18th in the 85 (9-11) heat today. | Billy Rainford photo


Hastings, MN native Nolan Helpner placed 11th in his 250A heat and 16th in the 450A heat. | Billy Rainford photo


Brandon Hartranft from Brick, NJ finished 15th in heat 1 of 250A and rocked the 450A heat coming in 2nd. | Billy Rainford photo