Mini Os | 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics

December 1, 2016


Things were wide open down at the Gatorback Cycle Park for the 45th Annual Thor Winter Olympics down in Florida. Here are a few shots from our riders who competed at this years event. 


Girls (9-11) rider Landrey Hazen pulled off great ride at Mini Os going 5-3 for a 3rd overall in supercross and 6-5 for 5th overall in motocross. | Billy Rainford photo


Minnesota native, Nolan Heppner went 11th overall in 250A, 14th overall in 450A for the motocross portion. In supercross he finished 9th overall in 450A, 10th overall in 450 Pro Sport and 11th overall in 250A. | Billy Rainford photo


Young Tristan Dares from Rockwood, Ontario tearing it up at Mini Os where he ran both the 65 (7-9) and 85 (9-11) classes. | Billy Rainford photo


A little afternoon sun to round out the motos for the day with Brandon Hartranft. | Billy Rainford photo


Corunna, Ontario fast guy Austin Watling finished with an impressive 5th overall in 450B Limited, 7th overall in 450B and 7th overall in the 250B class. | Billy Rainford photo


250 Pro Sport off the gate with #402 Brandon Hartranft. | Ken Hovance photo


Flying out of the gate with the 250 Pro Sport guys. | Ken Hovance photo


Brandon Hartranft under the Florida sun beating down.| Ken Hovance photo


Hartranft takes in some motos on the side lines. | Mike Vizer photo


Hartranft ended up with a well earned 3rd place in the 450A class. | Mike Vizer photo


Nolan Heppner looking super stylish in his new Revo gear. | Mike Vizer photo


Michigan native, Paige Reeser went 13-14 for a 13th overall in the Women (14+) class in supercross and 17-8 for 10th overall in motocross. | Mike Vizer photo


Austin Watling finds a shady spot to catch some motos. | Mike Vizer photo


#14 Greye Tate rocking the RealTree gear. | Mike Vizer photo


Shameless FXR sponsor pose from Brandon Hartranft. | Mike Vizer photo


Hartranft digging deep and it paid off. In supercross he went 4th overall in the 250 Pro Sport and 3rd overall in 450A. In motocross he finished 5th overall in 250A, 3rd in 450 Pro Sport, 4th in 450A and 4th in 250 Pro Sport. | Mike Vizer photo


Greye Tate battled hard in the 450B Limited class and took 3rd overall. | Mike Vizer photo


Greye Tate also walked away with a couple of holeshots.


Blake Hazen from Bay City, Michigan finished out his week with 12th in the 450C class and 13th in the 450C Limited class. | Mike Vizer photo


The Georgia young gun, Greye Tate had a great week. In motocross he finished 8th in 450B Limited, 8th in 450B, 5th in College (16-24). In supercross he podium in 450B finishing 3rd overall and finished 4th in College (16-24). | Mike Vizer photo


Nolan Heppner catching some air. | MepMX photo


Hartranft collects the goods for pulling the holeshot. | Mike Vizer photo


I guess there were a few chilly mornings in Florida. Heppner breaks out his Cold Cross jacket. | MepMX photo


Stacked 450 Pro Sport class with #44 Nolan Heppner. | Vurb Moto photo


See you later… Gatorback!