December 16-17, 2016 Colorado Adventure Park

Last weekend’s races were located smack dab in the middle of the Rocky Mountains at Colorado Adventure Park, where

the races were exactly that; an adventure. Traveling into the mountains is always an experience, especially considering the weather factor; you never know what you’re going to get. Over the weekend, we all got a little taste of that bizarre, ever-changing mountain weather. Upon arrival on Thursday, it was a tropical 45°F, but by Friday night’s races we were in a white-out blizzard with 50mph wind gusts blowing flags and tough blocks across the track, and even knocking over the entire podium! ISOC issued a brief delay, then the riders toughed it out and hammered through the rest of their races.

On Saturday, the sun finally peaked out, but the temperature had already dropped dramatically; we were in the negatives and the temperature would keep decreasing from there. By Saturday evening at Opening Ceremonies, the temperature was around -20°F with wind chill. When it’s that cold, you can expect snow-dust to be a huge visibility-loss factor. After talking to a handful of riders and asking them how they were able to see through the thick, white cloud of snow dust, the response I kept getting was, “You don’t. You just hang on and hope for the best.” Okay then.

Despite the crazy weather, our riders did not let us down. FXR riders flooded the podium over the weekend – 24 times to be exact!

Eric Downs kicked the weekend off with a 1st place in Sport Lite Friday night.

Ryley Bester #151 and Mitchell Thelen #239 took the 1st and 2nd place spots in their Sport final Friday night.

By this point, the podium had already blown over from the hurricane-like winds. Nonetheless, Bester and Thelen proudly held their awards while still sitting on their sleds.

FXR Snowbike riders David Fischer #36 and Austen Madison #41 also claimed 1st and 2nd in their final Friday night.

Malene Andersen powered through the blinding snow and scored herself the 3rd spot in the Pro Am Women’s final on Friday.Andersen shields her eyes from the stinging snow as she’s interviewed by Josie Christian.

BOSS Racing’s Aki Pihlaja took 1st in the Pro Lite final on Friday.

Kody Kamm made his way back onto the podium with a 3rd place finish in Friday night’s Pro Open final.

Taven Woodie #873 and Sophia Hulsey #800 took the 1st and 3rd place spots in their JR Girls 9-13 final on Saturday.

Saturday’s Transition 8-10 final was won by Cameron Cole #747, with Lawson Sterry #222 in the 2nd spot.

Eric Downs #129 made another appearance on top of the box with a 1st place in the JR 14-15 final, closely followed by Carson Alread #631 who took 2nd.

Drew Freeland happily shows off his plaque after taking 3rd in the JR 10-13 final, then quickly made his way back to the starting line for his Transition 8-12 final where he scored himself a 2nd place.

Two familiar faces made their way back onto the podium for the JR 16-17 final on Saturday. Carson Alread #631 scored a 3rd place finish and Eric Downs #129 took his third 1st place finish for the weekend.

Matt Duitsman #555 finished 2nd in the Sport Lite final, followed by Austin Stamm #118 in 3rd.

Not only did Cameron Cole score a 1st place in the Transition 8-10 final earlier in the day, but he also took the 1st spot in his 120 Champ final on Saturday night.

Malene Andersen made her way back onto the podium with a 2nd place finish in the Pro Am Women final Saturday night.

Aki Pihlaja #128 kept his 1st place streak going Saturday night, and Cole Cottew #21 joined him on the podium with a 2nd place in the Pro Lite final Saturday.

Another weekend with crazy weather, but it didn’t stop our FXR riders from making 24 podium appearances. Fantastic job to ALL of the riders!

We’ll see everyone in Shakopee, MN in 2017 at our next stop on the Snocross national tour.