San Diego SX

Photo Report | January 18, 2017


Coming out of round one of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross we were all hoping for a race with a little more excitement than what A1 left us with. San Diego didnt disappoint. With a shorter track this time around, the new timed format seemed to test out how this will divide the pack. Wedging in extra laps created much more of a show and proved who had done their homework and had more endurance. For some of our FXR guys, they hauled it through qualifying and made the evening show and some persevered to make the mains. Heres a look at a few of the guys who took on San Diego.


Cade Clason back in action here in San Diego. | Browndog Wilson photo

Brandon Scharer makes the long walk to staging. | Krystyn Slack photo

Scharer showing off his new Revo gear for practice. | Krystyn Slack photo

Zac Commans has his Just1 helmet all spit shined and waiting for practice. | Krystyn Slack photo

The dirt quickly getting chewed up and some modifications to the track had to be made for the evening show. | Krystyn Slack photo

Timed qualifying not a problem for Commans, clicking in at right around 1:00. | Krystyn Slack photo

A little cat and mouse with Alex Ray and Kyle White. | Krystyn Slack photo

Brandon Scharer clocks 1:02 for qualifiers. | Krystyn Slack photo

Dont worry Zac, its your turn next. | James Lissimore photo

Kyle White lays down his best lap time of 1:01 in qualifying. | Browndog Wilson photo

Commans keeping things focused in qualifiers. | Browndog Wilson photo

Kyle White catching some afternoon sun in qualifiers. | James Lissimore photo

Kyle White charging hard in Heat 1. | James Lissimore photo

Alex Ray had himself a really good night and muscled his way through the tough San Diego track. | Krystyn Slack photo

Last minute adjustments and getting your head in the game for gate drop. | Krystyn Slack photo

Scharer off the gate in the 250 LCQ. | Krystyn Slack photo

Brandon Scharer airing out in the San Diego flood lights. | Krystyn Slack photo

Second round for Zac Commans making it to the main. Look for him to push things even further for A2. | Krystyn Slack photo

Kyle White and Cade Clason lined up together on the gate. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cade Clason feeling good on his K1 Speed/BWR Engines Honda. | Krystyn Slack photo

From the constant rain prior to race day, the dirt was soft and the track really broke down. | Krystyn Slack photo

Checkers for Kyle White. | Krystyn Slack photo

Alex Ray poured it on in the LCQ to get that transfer to the main. | Krystyn Slack photo

Hey Krystyn, this is my good side. | Krystyn Slack photo

Poured it on is exactly what Ray did! Podium speech for Alex after taking the LCQ win. | Bigwave photo

Austin Forker mixing things up with Zac Commans. | Krystyn Slack photo

A-Ray coming in for a landing. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cade Clason was sure happy to be back! An existing injury he suffered in Germany prevented him from starting at A1. Hes on the gas now and look for him to improve every round! | Krystyn Slack photo

Scharer cruising through the whoops. | Browndog Wilson photo

Zac Commans battling it out with #71 Justin Starling. | Browndog Wilson photo

Commans blows by Starling in the corner. | Browndog Wilson photo

See you next weekend! | Browndog Wilson photo