Updates from Europe

The Swedish Winter Cup | January 9, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad


This weekend the Swedish Winter Cup was held in the eastern town of Skaraborg. The winter cup set a new record this year with and impressive 513 riders participating this weekend. The fastest rider on the course was Husqvarna LeoVegas/FXR rider Albin Elowson. Kudos to all the riders who muscled it out in the cold temperatures. We would also like to take time to welcome Oliver Nelson back to the FXR brand. Here is a look at a few images from the weekend.

From left Oliver Nelson, Albin Elowson and Erik Ljunberg.

Albin Elowson wins the first race of the season.

Anton Sandstet flying through the trees.

Robert Friberg takes a fourth place in his very first race on the LeoVegas Husqvarna team.

Smooth and steady…and speedy wins the race. Albin Elowson makes it look easy.

Robert Friberg finding some rhythm.

Oliver Nelson second on his comeback in orange.

Emil Gustavsson.


Johana Gøtvall rode well in the woman’s class.


Albin Elowson.

Jesper Borjesson will be training for the 2017 GNCC season.

Robert Friberg loves to layer things up with the Race 1/4 Zip Tech Hoodie.

Robert Friberg on the hunt.

Albin Elowson.

Happy to have you back on the FXR team Oliver. Looking good!