Amateur Spotlight

Travis Byrom

February 10, 2017

Photos by Dawn McClintock 


This week we launch our ongoing segment where we feature one of our sponsored amateur riders to learn more about them. Travis Byrom, native of Pontypool, Ontario will make his debut on the YZ125 this summer after running at the top of his classes last season. Lets have a quick chat to find out what Travis has been up to and what hes got going on for this summer.

Name: Travis Byrom

Age: 13

Instagram: @travis.byrom

Hometown: Pontypool, ON

Bike: YZ125, YZ112

Classes Racing: Supermini, School Boy 1, 250 Jr

Hey Travis, you enjoying your day off? I heard you have a snow day.
Yeah I am. We had freezing rain here today.

How did your season end up going for you last year?
It was pretty good. The six foot trophy series (MMRS) I was in 1st for most of my classes and I ended up getting 2nd in Supermini, 2nd in 85 (12-16) and 3rd in the School Boy 1.

What is your favourite track?
I would probably pick Sand Del Lee.

Who would you say is your main competition?
Probably Jamie Powell, Jamie Robertson and a couple of other people in the Supermini classes.

Do you have a special race day food you like to have?
No not really. I’ll pretty much eat whatever.

What sort of training do you do during the week?
I ride my bicycle a lot and I ride my pit bike and that’s about it.

What fun outdoor activities do you do in the off season?
I snowmobile and I play pond hockey with my friends.

Do you have an all-time favourite rider you look up to?
I would say Ken Roczen. He’s a smooth, consistant rider and he is all about good sportsmanship.

What is your plan for this coming season?
Hopefully I will win a lot of races and have fun. I’m looking for good results this year.

Is there one particular event you look forward to racing the most?
I really like racing the Madoc National and hopefully I would like to race the Walton TransCan this year too.

Have you done much riding down in the United States?
We’ve been down to Area 51 when I was little on a 50.

Who are your sponsors?
FXR, Mitech Machining, Jr VanGennip, MMRS, Mom & Dad

Ok, thanks for chatting with you Travis and all the best for your season. We will see you at the track.
Yep for sure. Thank you.