Catching up with Brock Hoyer

February 2, 2017

By Dawn McClintock

After his historic X Games Gold Medal win in Snow BikeCross, we hit up the friendly Williams Lake, BC native, Brock Hoyer for a quick chat. We caught him on a brief break from a filming project to congratulate him personally and find out just how it feels to be the champ at the newly recognized sport of Snow BikeCross.

Hey Brock congrats on your big win at X Games. Has it sunk in yet?

It’s starting to now. All the congratulations and awesome texts and emails and facebooks posts from my friends and family. The congratulations have been pretty overwhelming.

You kind of helped pioneer this sport into something that has become recognized by X Games. It must feel pretty good to have this as a competitive sport now.

Yeah I definitely feel like I’m one of the pioneers of the sport but there’s definitely been a couple of guys who helped me open up the doors. So I can’t just say it’s just me. There’s been a lot of key people. It’s been pretty cool to see this thing just start out as just a training tool and have fun in the back country and training for motocross. So now it’s my full time job and motocross is my cross training for snowbiking now [laughs] It’s amazing to see the sport developing and kids and families loving it. That to me is the best reward. Bringing home the gold is one thing but to see this sport grow and flourish and so many people loving it and coming up to me and telling me how stoked they are, how cool snowbiking is; that’s my favourite part.


Off the start mixing it up with Nolan Heppner. | Erik Fleischhacker photo

Take us through the day leading up to the race. Were you on edge or were you just chilling out taking it all in?

We showed up a day and a half early, got our condo. Wanted to go test the bikes to that elevation to make sure it was good but it got a little dark so we couldn’t. We woke up that morning and we knew we had bike check later in the afternoon and a bunch of press stuff and Timbersled ride day. I had a bunch of stuff I had to tackle before the bike check. So we got the bike all dialed in and we were happy with it. I met with a bunch of sponsors and kind of hung out just trying to stay loose. I had my whole crew there, my mechanic, my right-hand man, my agent, my wife and my one son. It kind of just took my mind off things having them all there in Aspen, Colorado. Tech was running a little bit behind so that put a little edge on things because I have a certain time that I’m relaxing and having dinner and getting prepped for the next day. They were a little bit behind we got everything lined up and they actually let us leave the trailer there so that was a bit of stress off the mind knowing that you had a safe spot. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I felt comfortable going in. I felt prepped. I felt ready. My package, my bikes, everything was working really good. We had some ups and downs earlier in the season getting ready. Going into X after bike tech and everything, I felt perfect.

Riding safe was key to Hoyers success. Lapped traffic made things difficult for the guys in the front of the pack. | Erik Fleischhacker photo

You guys worked tirelessly to get your set up just right. How many hours do you figure you guys have clocked to getting things all dialled in?

You know it was hours and hours and hours in the shop. Building motors and getting stuff prepped, switching out parts and trying different gearing. You know it’s amazing how many hours you put into it and of course leading up to the X Games I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with my family before I headed out. It just wasn’t the case. I was in my shop. My wife was awesome, not giving me heck. She knew this was a big deal and you know you spend hundreds of hours I could easily say this year just getting prepared. It all paid off. At the end of the day, that’s what matters.


Hoyer putting his head down focusing on the prize. | Erik Fleischhacker photo

It was nice you were able to have your family there with you too.

Yeah, it cost a lot to get them there but I knew I needed them. I knew I needed that reset. That homely feel. It paid off. Money’s not everything. They print it every day is what I always say.

Sweet victory on the podium. | Gary Walton photo

You seemed to have a lot of lappers you had to deal with on that short course. How was that roost?

Yeah, lapping wasn’t very good to us. There was a lot of guys out there that probably shouldn’t have been. There were a lot of guys that were really good but just didn’t know what the blue flag meant or weren’t even looking at seeing the blue flag, knowing that it’s lapped traffic and to move over. You know I’d have some guys try and move over and all most clean me out into the hay bales. It was definitely a learning experience. You know Canadian nationals and AMA nationals everyone really knows what’s going on and it seemed like when the flag dropped and you started racing it was like pandimonium. The back six guys were kind of everywhere and all over the place and in the way. It was a fight. After my first fall I got back to the lead and just put my head down and I knew it was going to be a challenge just to stay up without the guys taking you out. So making proper line choices, taking my time. It’s not riding 100%. You’re trying to ride efficently and make my way through it and make it through the pack as safe as possible.

Brock shares the podium with Colton Haaker and Cody Matechuk. | Gary Walton photo

I saw you in a photo with Blair Morgan after the race. That must have been pretty cool having him there cheering you on. 

That was unbelievable. For him to come up and congratulate me on my gold medal. I mean he’s one of the biggest Canadian guys, him and Darcy Lange and JSR, that group of guys I looked up to as a kid. To have THE Blair Morgan there hanging out, congratulating me was definitely a blessing for sure.

So whats next on the schedule for you?

I will be racing in the Canadian Snow Bike MX Nationals in Revelstoke this weekend, then Sicamoose next weekend. Then filming starts up again for Traxx Snowbike film. After that I head back to race in Revy end of February.

Sounds like youre a pretty busy guy these days. I hope you can wedge some family time in there somewhere too.

Ill try to.

Thanks for taking time to talk with us Brock and congrats once again! Im sure you have a long list of sponsors you would like to mention.

For sure. Thank you. I would like to thank my sponsors, Yamaha Motor Canada, Rockstar Energy, Timbersled, FXR, Limenine, Limitless, VP Race Fuels, Seat Concepts, DEVOL, Bills Pipes, Rekluse, Jr Jackson, GET ignition, DMC Cams, K&N filters, CR Racing, Forma Boots, Cti, Mongoose Machine, Cariboo Steel, IWL Construction, RMR Suspension, Fox Suspension, Sledgehammers, 100%, Spectra Power Sports, Cycle North, Atlas, and Fastway.