Oakland SX | Photo Report

February 7, 2017

Is it just me or does the action seem to be getting better every weekend in supercross? Round five was in Oakland, California and I think I should have cracked out my golf counter to keep track of how many times that Sheheen and Emig used the word gnarly to describe last weekends track. It was just that. The track was constantly changing and forget about trying to follow the same line, lap-in, lap-out. For the lucky ones who made the main, it was chalked up to raw skill and more importantly survival skills. Lets take a look at a few of our riders who slugged it out in Oakland from the lens of BrownDog Wilson and Krystyn Slack.

Brandon Scharer put in his fast laps in qualifiers and came out with 14th in the Group A 250s. | Krystyn Slack photo

The K1 Speed/BW Engines guys checking out the scene during track walk. | Krystyn Slack photo

Three amigos lined up before practice. | Krystyn Slack photo

Style check Clason. | Krystyn Slack photo

Style check White. | Krystyn Slack photo

Style check A-Ray. | Krystyn Slack photo

Hey Jeff, there is no joker lane this weekend. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cade Clason put in the fastest lap time in the Group B qualifiers. | Krystyn Slack photo

Close behind Clason was Alex Ray who had 3rd fastest qualifying time in Group B. | Krystyn Slack photo

Clason chews into some roost. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Kyle White went 18th in Heat #2. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Heath Harrison put in a solid ride in Heat #1 pulling a 7th which would send him straight to the main. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Harrison really starting to feel comfortable in his Cycle Trader/Rock River Yamaha. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Things are really looking up for Harrison this season after making his mark in arenacross, hes ready to take on the pack in supercross. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Hows your spanish tilt now? | BrownDog Wilson photo

Harrison flying past the mechanics area. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Cade Clason managed a 6th in Semi #2. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Kyle White churning up the deep corners. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Those eyes look pretty focused to me. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Scharer heads to the line. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Brandon Scharer getting in some chill time back at the rig before motos. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Scharer suited up and ready to get the show started. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Alex Ray sends it over the finish line jump in the main. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Ray on a mission out of the corner. | Krystyn Slack photo

Heath Harrison finishes a hard fought main battle in 10th place. | Krystyn Slack photo

Scharer came up just a little short on the LCQ in 8th place. | Krystyn Slack photo

New to the Rockwell/Nuclear Blast crew is #321 the South African native, Bradley Lionnet. | Krystyn Slack photo

Lionnet blew past everyone in the LCQ and lead the pack. | Krystyn Slack photo

Mister calm and collected picks a line through the whoops. | Krystyn Slack photo

Kyle White keeping things steady. | Krystyn Slack photo

Bradley Lionnet ended up 5th in the LCQ. | Krystyn Slack photo

Heading into staging with Brandon Scharer. | Krystyn Slack photo

Lionnet gets a lift from his wrench. | Krystyn Slack photo

You get an idea of just how chewed up the track got. | Krystyn Slack photo

Clason chasing down the 7 deuce deuce. | Krystyn Slack photo

Alex Ray ready for his close up. | Krystyn Slack photo

Heath Harrison rode smart and got the results he was after. | Krystyn Slack photo

More good things to come for this guy. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cade Clason muscled through to the main and finished 19th. | Krystyn Slack photo

Just in front of Clason in the 450 main was Alex Ray finishing 18th. | Krystyn Slack photo

Comin through boys! If youre going to get lapped it might as well be from the likes of Eli Tomac. That guy was on it Saturday night. | Krystyn Slack photo

Off to the races. See you next week! | Krystyn Slack photo