Daytona SX | Photo Report

March 15, 2017

Photos by Krystyn Slack

Round 10 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross takes us back to the famed Daytona International Speedway in Florida. This track is constructed on the infield of the NASCAR race oval and has been designed by Ricky Carmichael for several years. One standout feature of the Daytona track this year was without a doubt the sand section. It was deep, completely torn up and you better be leading the pack because the roost that followed was a thorough sandblast treatment. Noteworthy stat: FXR had another new record entry list with 16 riders at Daytona. Lets take a look at the FXR guys who tackled Daytona on Saturday.

Chaz Braden navigates is way through the sand section.

Hope you kept your mouth closed Chase. #309 Jeremy Smith leads the way through the sand leaving #746 Chase Stevenson with a little roost sandwich.

We see the return of Brett McLaud this weekend in Daytona.

Mike Fowler putting some fast laps through the sand.

Chaz Braden finds some sort of line there.

Good to see our old buddy Justin Rando back this weekend too.

Chase Stevenson gets the roost flying.

Im sure the photographers gathered in flocks to snag a bunch of shots here. Another one of Justin Rando.

Bodie Wood takes on sand monster.

Jeremy Smith airs out over all the lego fans at Daytona.

Mike Fowler on the receiving end of a dirt sandwich.

A little spanish tilt for Josh Cartwright.

Henry Miller putting in some fast laps for qualifiers.

Kyle White looking pretty stylish in his red, white and blue.

Leg out and lean. Joe Perron hammers through the sand section.

Dylan Walker pulls 7th fastest lap in his second timed practice.

Jerry Robbin sporting his new #558 for Daytona in honour of his buddy Dylan Slusser.

Another cool angle of Brett McLaud through the sand.

Thats #530 Bodie Wood.

Style check with Chaz Braden.

Shameless Honda post with Brett McLaud.

A little whip competition in order. Heres Mike Fowler it laying down.

Dakota Alix and Mike Fowler hug tight to the inside.

Great to see Jerry Robin line up in Daytona. He clocked 10th fastest in his qualifiers.

#692 Brett McLaud and #530 Bodie Wood roll back to the pits after practice.

Chase Stevenson coming off practice.

Henry Miller pushing hard in timed practice.

Tony Archer puts in the time and makes the evening show.

Alex Ray is off privateer island and moved onto his new Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha ride for Daytona SX.

Super speedy mode with A-Ray.

Cade Clason shifting his style points up with his new boot gig.

Elbows up Kyle White.

Dylan Walker putting in a fast lap for qualifiers.

Some kind of Lightning McQueen moment for Alex Ray at Daytona. Hes already feeling comfy under the Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha roof.

Jerry Robin and his Blue Buffalo posse taking in practice on the sidelines.

Ray is looking comfortable on his Yamaha too.

One more fast lap for the road.

Cade Clason heads back to the pits after qualifiers.

Joe Perron stirs up some beach sand.

How about that first 250 heat! Josh Cartwright battled hard off the start and almost had the holeshot. He held on to finish 7th place.

Jerry Robin also hauled it in the first heat and finished a very impressive 5th place.

Thats focus right there Jeremy Smith.

You werent just battling your competition, you were battling the ever-changing track.

Under the lights with Jerry Robin.

Cartwright finish in his heat race would send him straight to the main.

Jerry Robin would also find himself heading to the main event with his solid heat race finish.

Jeremy Smith would have to take things to the LCQ.

…as would Chaz Braden.

Off the start in Heat #2 with Tony Archer #285.

Mike Fowler would finish 15th in Heat #2.

Tony Archer finished 14th in Heat #2.

Justin Rando would finish 18th in Heat #2.

High fives for #285 Tony Archer and #392 Mike Fowler after a hard fought moto.

Always a feel-good moment when the fans and rider both show some love after a long moto.

Alex Ray digs in during his first heat race.

Never far off the pace of Ray was Clason.

Dylan Walker pushing through Heat #1.

Kyle White finishing just ahead of Walker in Heat #1.

Fan appreciation with Chaz Braden.

Leaning way out to get a high five from Justin Rando.

Alex Ray finishing 9th in his Semi.

Kyle White finished his semi in 13th place.

There couldnt have been much sand left in that corner after the nights racing was done.

High five, but wait, theres the ice cream guy up ahead.

Enter Sandpit.

Chit chat in staging with Cade Clason.

Josh Cartwright finished the evening in 17th in the main.

Tony Archer went 18th in the main.

Jerry Robin finished 19th in the main.

See you guys in Indy!