Indianapolis SX | Photo Report

March 21, 2017

We are over half way through the eastern leg of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series and the racing just keeps getting better and better. The Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana was the venue for this past weekend and FXR had an opportunity to launch our new Misson Limited Edition gear with some of our athletes who were racing. Another good turn out with 15 of our riders on the entry list this time around. Heres a look at some of the race action from round 11.

Josh Cartwright ready to take off for qualifiers. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Cartwright finished in 23rd for timed qualifiers. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Henry Miller sporting his brand new Mission Limited Edition gear for Indy. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Focused on that goal. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Air time with Tony Archer. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Kyle White also had a chance to premier the new Mission gear on Saturday night. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Clason was one of five 450 FXR guys to make it to the evening show. | BrownDog Wilson photo

A little game of tag with Alex Ray and Cade Clason. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Clason looking pretty polished in his new kit. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Alex Ray in the hunt for the main. | BrownDog Wilson photo

It was a feet off the pegs kind of night for Cade. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Stillwater, MN native, Nick Schnagl. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Jerry Robin did a little bit of flying in practice. Not the kind of flying that he wanted to be doing exactly. After a tough get off in the whoops, he finished with 17th. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Chase Stevenson through the flood lights at Lucas Oil Stadium. | Krystyn Slack photo

Josh Cartwright had 23rd fastest time in qualifying. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Pretending not to see BrownDog. Alex Ray keeping warm between motos. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Alex Ray snuggles up with quite a few single digit guys these days it seems. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Jerry Robin puts the hammer down and goes 9th in Heat #2. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Smug mug. I see you this time. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Just kickin with Cade. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Dylan Walker lines up for qualifiers. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Kyle White charging hard in qualifying. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Up close and personal with Joe Perron. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Taking it to the evening show with Kyle White. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Cade Clason finds himself 21st in qualifying times. | BrownDog Wilson photo

K1 Speed/BW Engines Honda rider, Tony Archer. | BrownDog Wilson photo

One more with Josh Cartwright. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Off to the evening program for Tony Archer. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Putting in some solid time in qualifying. Chaz Braden heads to the evening show too. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Nick Schnagl off to the evening program. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Sure and steady, Dylan Walker gets himself to the evening show. | Krystyn Slack photo

This is the part where you can pull a wheelie…| Krystyn Slack photo

…just like Joe Perron… | Krystyn Slack photo

…or you can work on your aero dynamics and touch some plastic like Ray. | Krystyn Slack photo

The White boys out for a little stroll on the track. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cool backlit shot of Nick Schnagl. | Krystyn Slack photo

Brett McLaud taking to the rafters in qualifying. | Krystyn Slack photo

How about a little seat bounce. | Krystyn Slack photo

Mike Fowler digs in for qualifiers. | Krystyn Slack photo

Henry Miller just hanging out with the cool kids. | Krystyn Slack photo

Tearing it up with Joe Perron. | Krystyn Slack photo

Bodie Wood spinning some fast laps in qualifying. | Krystyn Slack photo

Tony Archer and Mike Fowler lining up for timed qualifiers. | Krystyn Slack photo

This day would prove to be a pretty successful one for Henry Miller. | Krystyn Slack photo

Josh Cartwright kicking things up a notch in his heat race. | Krystyn Slack photo

Alex Ray would take 7th in his Semi race. | Krystyn Slack photo

Hard to find a guy with more style than Cade. | Krystyn Slack photo

450s on the line. | Krystyn Slack photo

Heat #1, Miller pushes hard and takes an 8th to put him straight to the main event. | BrownDog Wilson photo

White takes 10th in Semi #1. | Krystyn Slack photo

Semi #1, Dylan Walker takes 15th. | Krystyn Slack photo

Heading to the main with Jerry Robin. | Krystyn Slack photo

Jerry Robin finished the night in 22nd place. | Krystyn Slack photo

Kyle White muscling hard in the LCQ but managed to only get to 13th. | Krystyn Slack photo

Josh Cartwright dug in hard and pulled a 2nd in the LCQ. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cartwright finished just ahead of Robin in 17th place for the main event. | Krystyn Slack photo

Getting yourself to the main in your first heat race really makes the difference. It did for Henry Miller. | Krystyn Slack photo

Miller has his program all dialled in. | Krystyn Slack photo

Laying it over for the camera. That would be Chase Stevenson. | Krystyn Slack photo

Not what Brett McLaud had planned for Saturday either. | Krystyn Slack photo

Career best finish for Henry Miller going 11th in the main. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Getting some advice from two digit guys isnt a bad idea either Alex. | Krystyn Slack photo

Checking out the rafters at Lucas Oil Stadium with Alex Ray. | Krystyn Slack photo

Looking ahead to next weekend. See you in Detroit guys! | Krystyn Slack photo