Toronto SX | Photo Report

March 8, 2017

The Monster Energy AMA Supercross marched its way north across the border into Canadian territory for the Toronto Supercross. Always a favourite stop for many riders at the Toronto race, the crew at Direct Motocross managed to round up a few of our riders for their autograph signing on the Friday night where they got to do the meet and greet with some pretty excited kids. Here are a few shots from the weekend in Toronto.

Cade Clason signs an autograph while he takes a few pointers from the Toronto KTM JR Challenge winner Ben Kongmany. | Dawn McClintock photo

Alex Ray signs a few posters for some happy fans. | Dawn McClintock photo

Hey mister, would you sign my shirt too? | Dawn McClintock photo

A fun night at the Houston with a whole line up of pro riders on hand to sign autographs. Thanks to the DMX crew for having us there! | Dawn McClintock photo

Tony Archer getting things tuned in qualifiers. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Alex Ray waits in a pack of top dogs for their group qualifier. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Henry Miller finds himself amongst the group A guys. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Miller pushed hard in Heat #1 and landed himself a 13th place. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Kyle White tackles the whoops where a lot of carnage was witnessed during qualifying rounds. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Alex Ray stands out in the crowd in his signature pink gear. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Tony Archer lays down some solid times in his qualifiers. with a 2nd and a 5th. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Heat #1 Tony Archer finishes just ahead of Henry Miller in 12th. | BrownDog Wilson photo

You can bet we will be seeing a new and improved Henry Miller come outdoors too. This guy has been doing his homework. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Alex Ray puts in some fast laps in Group A qualifying and manages a 19th and a 18th. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Josh Cartwright found himself 20th fastest for both of his Group A qualifiers. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Miller looking good in the blue and white gear. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Cartwright ready to pound out some fast laps. | BrownDog Wilson photo

Henry and Josh, all matchy matchy. | Krystyn Slack photo

Alex Rays last weekend on the Husky before he climbs on board the Cycle Trader/Rock River Yamaha squad for Daytona. | Krystyn Slack photo

Kyle White pulling 11th fastest lap in his group qualifier. | Krystyn Slack photo

And the guy with the fastest lap time in Group B #2 qualifier was Cade Clason. | Krystyn Slack photo

Justin Baker heading out for qualifying. | Krystyn Slack photo

Baker finished 21st in both qualifying heats. | Krystyn Slack photo

Paul Coates clocked some serious speed in Toronto with 1st and 2nd in his qualifying times. | Krystyn Slack photo

Jeremy Smith had 9th fastest time in both his Group B qualifiers. | Krystyn Slack photo

Luck wasnt on Paul Coates side this weekend. He had a nasty get off in the rhythm section. | Krystyn Slack photo

Tony Archer goes 12th in the first heat race. | Krystyn Slack photo

Fortunately we got word that Paul Coates was only bruised and banged up after his crash. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cartwright and his wrench getting ready to head to the line. | Krystyn Slack photo

Tony Archer and Justin Baker putting in their timed laps. | Krystyn Slack photo

Hey, we got a whip pic! Gold star for Tony. We want to see more of these fellas. | Krystyn Slack photo

Chalking up another solid weekend for Henry Miller. He finished an impressive 14th in the main event. | Krystyn Slack photo

Alex Ray managed a 9th in his first heat race. | Krystyn Slack photo

Kyle White finished his night with a 9th in the LCQ. | Krystyn Slack photo

Jeremy Smith digging in hard in the corner. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cade Clason and Jake Weimer in the mix. | Krystyn Slack photo

Hey Cade, your boots do match your gear. 10 points for style! | Krystyn Slack photo

Josh and Tony keeping things casual in staging. | Krystyn Slack photo

All the best to Alex Ray on his new ride! | Krystyn Slack photo

Deep thoughts with Kyle White. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cade Clason getting in race mode on the line. | Krystyn Slack photo

And hes ready to go now. | Krystyn Slack photo

One last fist bump for the man friend before the gate drops. | Krystyn Slack photo

Krystyn gets the stare down from Josh Cartwright. It must be the hair Krystyn. | Krystyn Slack photo

A-Ray taking it all in with The Dunge. | Krystyn Slack photo

And lets not forget our little KTM Junior guys who had one full factory ride for a day. | Krystyn Slack photo

The #2 of Ben Kongmany. | Krystyn Slack photo

The #3 of Jacob Carney. | Krystyn Slack photo

The #6 of Damon Elliott. | Krystyn Slack photo

The #7 of Cooper Wallis. | Krystyn Slack photo

The last minute FXR rider addition to the KTM Junior squad, #11 of Tyler Kirby. | Krystyn Slack photo

All lined up and ready to rock this town. | Krystyn Slack photo

Young Cooper Wallis #7 from Freelton, Ontario finds his groove on the big track. | Krystyn Slack photo

Tyler Kirby focused on the chase and came just shy of the podium in 4th place. | Krystyn Slack photo

Damon Elliott had some serious speed and finished the night in 10th place. | Krystyn Slack photo

The fastest guy on the track all day was this little ripper, Ben Kongmany. | Krystyn Slack photo

Jacob Carney fought hard out there and earned himself a solid 7th place. | Krystyn Slack photo

Your champ of the KTM Junior SX Challenge, Ben Kongmany. | Krystyn Slack photo

Cooper Wallis had a fantastic ride and got himself on the podium with a 3rd place finish. | Krystyn Slack photo

Way to go Ben! Keep your eye on this kid. Hes going places. | Krystyn Slack photo

Thats what its all about right there. Cooper getting big hugs from his dad, Nick. | Krystyn Slack photo

See you guys in Daytona! | Krystyn Slack photo