Updates from Europe

March 14, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad


Huge success for FXR in the last winter cup race in Sweden this past weekend. The four top runners overall were FXR riders, and with team Hedstrøms Motors rider, Oliver Nelson being the champion. Second through fourth place went to the LeoVegas Husqvarna team members, Ljungberg, Friberg and Sandstedt.

Your overall winner, #4 Oliver Nelson.

Team LeoVegas Husqvarna rider, Anton Sandstedt.

Laying over with Erik Ljungberg.

Team LeoVegas Husqvarna rider, Robert Friberg.

Hanna Berzelius on the gas in the woman’s class.

Oliver Nelson setting the pace for the day.

We hope Robert Friberg likes sand.

Nelson with his eye on the prize.

Sandstedt looking all business on his husky.

Ljunberg had things dialled in finishing second place.