Updates from Europe

March 28, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad

This past weekend was the historical GP of Finland hard enduro and through the bitter cold and tough conditions, our guys pushed themselves to their limits and for some it meant a trip to the box and for others a trip to the hospital. Lets take a look at some photos from the 2 day event.

Yamaha factory rider Mikael Persson does his tire change on Day 1 after 12 gruelling hours on the bike. He was 3rd on day one and 6th on day two. He currently sits 4th in the standings.

Person all smiles on the podium, Day 1.


To view the full Yamaha Racing PR, click here.

Albin Elowson had a nasty collision with a tree on day one and injured his liver, lung and ribs after leading the junior class most of the day. Heal up soon Albin!

Tommy Sjöström cracked out his Cold Cross pants for the weekend.

Emil Jonsson was second on Day 2 in the 125cc Rocky Cup.

The local Finnish FXR/Sherco rider Matias Savo.

It was so cold on the transports that the FXR supported riders use mono suits. Albin Elowson getting himself prepped to head back out.

Mikael Person was happy to have his FXR warm up coat.

Albin Elowsons turn to do his tire change. You have to wonder how much feeling they have left in their hands at this point in the day.