Amateur Spotlight | Cameron Skaalerud

April 28, 2017

by Dawn McClintock

We check in this week with young, fast, up-and-comer that hails from Minnesota, Cameron Skaalerud. Hes got some big plans for this summer and we caught him in between Loretta Lynn qualifiers.

Name: Cameron Skaalerud

Age: 12

Race #: 229

Instagram: @moto229

Hometown: Waconia, Minnesota

Bike: Kawasaki Supermini, Yamaha YZ125

Classes Racing: Supermini, Schoolboy 1, 125 B/C

School Grade: Grade 7

Krystyn Slack photo

Hey Cam, you finally getting some good riding weather back home?
Yeah, its tough in Minnesota in the winter but the tracks are coming around!

Last we saw you was at the RC Amateur Supercross at Daytona. What have you been up to since then?
Weve been travelling south to train and Ive been getting used to the 125 bigger bike.

Krystyn Slack photo

What sort of off-season training do you do?
I do swimming and crossfit during the off-season.

How old were you when you started racing?
I started racing snocross when I was 5 and I started motocross when I was 7.

What is your favourite track?
Its tough to pick just one but Id probably say Millville.

Krystyn Slack photo

Who would you say is your main competition?
We have a lot of fast guys but Jayden Clough comes to mind first.

What sort of training do you do during the week?
I do mainly crossfit and road bike for training.

What’s your least favourite part of bike maintenance?
I actually really like to work on my bikes.

Krystyn Slack photo

What fun outdoor activities do you do in the off season?
I enjoy ice biking and I love to ice fish.

Do you have an all-time favourite rider you look up to?
Ive had the pleasure of working a lot with Henry Miller, so Id probably say him.

What is your plan for this coming season?
Right now Im trying to qualify for Loretta Lynns but Id like to win a championship in my own district.

Is there one particular event you look forward to racing the most?
Hands down, Mini-Os!

Who is in your regular pit crew?
My mechanic Josh, my dad, mom and brother Chase.

Where do you see yourself in another 10 years?
Id like to be racing at the highest level and wouldnt mind taking a rip on a Pro Open Mod Sled.

If you could give a younger rider who is just starting out one piece of advice, what would that be?
Work hard and keep it fun!

Do you have any pre-race/start gate rituals you have?
I like to be the first one in staging.

Do you have any other big US races planned?
I plan on doing Ponca, Baja Brawl, Mini-Os and hopefully Loretta Lynns.

Who are your sponsors?
FXR Racing, Spy Optic, Unlimited Motorsports, Bell Helmets, Leatt, BDMX, Pro Circuit, Plainview Powersports and Ogio.

Ok, thanks for catching up with us Cam and all the best for your 2017 season.
Thank you.