Amateur Spotlight | Isaac Ferguson

April 6, 2017

by Dawn McClintock


This time we take things down under to Australia where we chat with one of our Ride Tribe sponsored athletes. Lets find out more about young up and comer, Isaac Ferguson.

Name: Isaac Ferguson

Age: 18 years

Instagram: isaac_ferguson149

Hometown: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Bike: KTM 250

Sponsors: Golden Tyres Australia, Full force racing components, FXR, Ridetribe, StegzPegs, Costal Pacific Pools, SuomyAustralia

How did you get into riding dirt bikes?
One of my dads best mates, raced motocross his whole life and slowly convinced dad to get us boys a bike, and from there it just kicked off into a passion and serious dream.

Whats your favourite track and why?
Murray Bridge, because it is a fast open track that is made up with wicked loamy dirt. It also is one track that never fails to have some really fun and challenging sections.

What do you believe is the hardest thing about motocross?
I really do believe the hardest part of motocross is not the physical demand it requires (even though thats tough enough itself) but the mental and emotional side of it, as riders we tend to be our hardest critics so we have to be mentally and emotionally strong, so that we are able to keep a clear and focused mindset. We put so much pressure on ourselves as athlete to succeed in our own expectations.

Why do you race motocross, and what is it that give you the drive to go so far in the sport?
Ever since I started riding Ive just been addicted to the sport, the thrill and adranilin you get out of it when you nail a rut and just hit everything perfect is second to none. Ever since Ive been a little kid I dreamt of being the best, to be able to race motocross for a living would really be a dream come true.

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?
Well last year in my pre- season training I had the weekend off going wakeboarding  I had a pretty severe accident, getting tangled in the rope I severed my bi-ciep and artery in half forcing me off the bike for 6 month where I spent every week at the hospital and physio gaining movement and feeling back. Im still currently working on it gaining full strength and ability in it, its a Long and slow process but we are heading in the right direction.

Where do you wish to see yourself in 5 years?
5 years from now I hope to see myself in the USA working and riding with the best in the industry competing for titles, that’s the ultimate dream.

Whats your plan and focus for this year?
I want to finish the MX Nationals on the podium, in my first rookie year in the under 19 class

Thanks for catching up with us Isaac. Good luck with your upcoming season!
Thank you.