Amateur Spotlight | Jason Stapleton

April 13, 2017

by Dawn McClintock

This installment of the amateur spotlight, we shift gears slightly and feature one of our quad riders from western Canada.

Name: Jason Stapleton
Age: 28
Instagram: @racequadprobs
Hometown: Cranbrook, BC
Bike: YFZ 450R
Classes Racing: C Class, Junior, GP Class

Hey Jason, you getting a little anxious for riding weather to be here?
I most certainly am. The weather here in Alberta has been crazy. It can go from plus 10 for a week and then back down to -25 and snow.

When do you guys typically start riding? 
If the the weather is permitting we can usually start riding around March down in southern Alberta and race season starts in June.

Are you seeing any growth in your race club with ATV riders or is it tough getting younger kids into it? 
We are totally seeing growth in are youth rider program. In 2016 atvtc added 4 new classes, in which 2 of them were for youth. Mini open and utv 170.  We have experienced full gates in some of our mini classes. Our advertising and trade shows have been a huge success in attracting new members.  With the downturn in the economy, atvtc is one of the few race series that has seen an overall increase in entries, and spectators. In 2017 we were able to add an extra round to our series.

Are there many opportunities for you to travel state side or out of province for other races? 
Yes there are a couple races in the states. I try to make to  the Quadcross Northwest series and then there is the national series that I hope to get to.

How did your season end up going for you last year?
We had a great  season  and with only having to miss one race due to mechanical issues and waiting for parts. I finshed  6th place overall  with only 17 points separating me from a top 5  in Jr class and I finshed 2nd overall in Gp class  and only 27 points behind the leader in that one. Compared to last year this was a  big improvement all around. I went from last year being last place or not even close to top 4. To this year battling for moto wins, leading motos and being someone who could be in the top 3 almost every round.

What is your favourite track?
The national mx track, Wildrose MX in Calgary, Alberta.

Who would you say is your main competition?
I would say anyone who lines up to the gate is my competition. The classes have so many great skilled riders that anyone can get the win on a weekend.

What sort of training do you do during the week?
I am in the gym 6 days week and do a lot of strength and conditioning.

What’s your least favourite part of quad maintenance?
Washing after a muddy race weekend.

What fun outdoor activities do you do in the off season?
I enjoy going home to Cranbrook, BC and going sledding out in the mountains with my brother and family.

Do you have an all-time favourite rider you look up to?
I would say the rider I look up to would be Nick Moser . The guy does what he has to so he can go racing every weekend like myself and his determination and the way he keeps pushing when he is hurt or struggling is an inspiration for sure.

What is your plan for this coming season? 
My plans for this season is hopefully hit up some races in the states in the Quadcross Northwest series. My focus is winning championships in both my Junior and GP class in the ATV Triple Crown series.

Is there one particular event you look forward to racing the most? 
I most look forward to racing in Calgary, Alberta just because its a national track and I had won my first races there last year.

Who is part of pit crew?
My mechanic Roy Eakett. The guy is by far one of the top ATV/sled mechanics in Alberta. My dad and my brother come wrench and wash in between my motos. Then my teammates Carter Freschette, Luc Gagnon and Steve Webb.

Are you strictly track or do you trail ride as well?
I do track during race season but after I tend go back home to Cranbrook, BC and do a fair bit of woods riding.

Do you have any pre-race/start gate rituals you have?
Before the race I usually talk to my dad or teammates before heading to the gate. Then at the gate just stomp down the dirt or sweep my gate.

How are you liking the new gear? I see you got yourself a new FXR helmet too.
The new 2017 gear is phenomenal and looks amazing and the Black Ops gear is awesome and matches my Torque MX Urban camo helmet.

Who are your sponsors?
Runaway elephants tattoos
Risk racing
K&k power sport supplys
Cycle works foothills
Wienen motorsports
Ryno power
Pro tech racing ltd
FourWerx carbon
All balls racing
fast company

Ok, thanks for catching up with us Jason and all the best for your 2017 season. 
Thank you.