Amateur Spotlight | Seth Hughes

April 18, 2017

by Dawn McClintock

Anyone who races the local Ontario MX circuit will be familiar with the fast, young up and comer Seth Hughes from Kitchener, ON. He has made a name for himself around the MotoPark scene helping with camps and now expanding his training south of the border at the newly established MP County Line in Florida. Keep your eyes peeled for #32 this summer.

Name: Seth Hughes

Age: 16

Instagram: @s.hughes32

Hometown: Kitchener Ontario 

Bike: Yz 125

Classes Racing: Schoolboy 1 & Mx 2 Junior in Canada, Schoolboy 1 & 125 (12-16) in USA

Hey Seth, how did you like training down south this winter?
I loved every minute of it.

When did you head down to MP County Line?
I was officially full time at MP County Line on February 3rd

Did they have you helping them out down there with stuff?
While Im in Florida I help out by watering the track in the morning before opening and at night after riding.

Any super fast guys show up there to ride…well besides yourself?
A few fast guys show up. Matt Georke was there.

So how does that work with your schooling and being away?
I do my schooling through ILC (Independent Learning Centre)

You help out the MP crew back home too don’t you?
This past summer at Motopark I spent my days helping out with the regular one week camps from Monday to Tuesday.

How old were you when you started racing?
My first race was when I was 4 years old. It was at Gopher Dunes.

How did your season end up going for you last year?
Last year my race season ended really well after completing the full 6 weeks at Motopark academy. It was a combination of the good training staff and hard work that got me riding the way I do now.

What is your favourite track?
My favourite track would have to be MP County Line because of the big jumps and the way the track flows.

Who would you say is your main competition?
Honestly everyone, you never know when someone could be having a really good day and just want to go fast.

What sort of training do you do during the week?
I have joined in on the week camps that were taking place at MP County Line taught by Ryan Gauld.

What’s your least favourite part of bike maintenance?
To be honest I actually like doing bike work I just get my speaker, play some music and just go to work.

What fun outdoor activities do you do in the off-season?
In the off-season I play basketball and disc golf.

Do you have an all-time favourite rider you look up to?
Probably my all-time favourite rider would have to be James Stewart because of his flat out talent and raw speed.

What is your plan for this coming season?
My plan for the coming season is to qualify for Loretta Lynns, do a lot of the AMO events and also the 4 rounds of the MotoCup at MotoPark.

Is there one particular event you look forward to racing the most?
The event I look forward to the most would have to be the MotoPark MotoCup just because its all around fun and there is great racing every year.

Who is part of your regular crew at MP County Line?
I would say the regular crew would have to be myself, Iain Hayden, Zeb Dennis, Kraig Reinhart, Marco Cannella, and Eric Schildt.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
In 10 years I hope to have ended a great motocross career with championships in Canada and hopefully sign a pro contract in the United States.

Do you have any pre-race/start gate rituals you have?
I dont have special rituals that I do before a race or on the line. I just go with the flow.

Do you have any big US races planned for this year?
I plan on doing some Loretta Lynns qualifiers and maybe a few local races in Michigan.

Who are your sponsors?
I would like to thank my mom and dad, the whole Motopark crew, Dawn and Andy from FXR, MotoMech Canada, Bell Helmets, New Era, Novik Gloves.

Ok, thanks for catching up with us Seth and all the best for your 2017 season.
Thanks for the opportunity!!