This passed season we lost a valuable and well loved member of the FXR family.

Josh Roth was an accomplished rider who was loved by all, so we wanted to touch base with some friends and fellow riders who had the opportunity to share some snow with Josh and will always remember the cool and energetic guy that he was.

Mixed with some awesome photos of Josh dominating the mountain and having the time of his life, this is how we remember Josh Roth.

Matt Hamm

The first time I ever met Josh, he told us he had just gotten back from chasing a cougar out from underneath a ladys front porch. As it turns out, the way that he got the big cat out was by crawling underneath the porch and poking the damn thing with a stick…I was like This guy is crazy! But he just shrugged it off with a smile, like it was no big deal. Josh was definitely at one with nature. At the time he was riding sweep for our riding group with Bret Rasmussen, and seeing as how I needed a lot of help, we ended up spending a lot of time talking and getting to be friends.

One thing that really impressed me year after year was how much Josh just kept pushing himself and progressing so much. The last FXR photoshoot that we were at in Togwotee…he was the guy pulling the most technical lines while we all watched, so cool to see. 

Josh was one of those guys that made you feel like you knew him for a lot longer than you did. I never saw him more than a few times a year, sledding in Wyoming, and in the fall at Haydays, but it really didnt matter, you could always just pick up a conversation like it was yesterday.

He was just a really good guy, always willing to lend a hand and go the extra mile, and the same held true for working with Josh as an FXR sponsored rider. I bet he asked the question more than any other rider “What can I do to help? Let me know if you need anything else from me? Just let me know what you need…”

Josh was one of the best ambassadors FXR could have asked for, I think that we were really lucky to get a chance to work with someone like him.

And more importantly, I feel very lucky that I got to know him and call him a friend.

Ryan Berchtold

When I first met Josh in 2014 he wasnt your average sledder. Quiet, never said much, stayed to the back of the group. As the day went on and I got to know him he was the type of guy you knew had your back in the backcountry. As the weekend turned into years, Josh became more than a fellow rider he became a great friend. Someone who always had a smile and a great story to tell.

Bret Rasmussen

               I am reminded about the first ride I had with Josh, he was a hunting guide and thought of sleds as a means of transportation while hunting mountain lions, he expected I think that it might be a challenge, but that he would be able to keep up. He struggled. Because Josh was so competitive he was lured into the desire to become a better rider. I spent time with him for a couple years, got him a sled that would perform in the steep and deep, and bang! Josh became one of the best backcountry technical riders that I’ve worked with.

            Josh was an outstanding instructor, he was very well liked by all of the students that attended our clinics. He was patient with beginners and could easily challenge the best of the advanced riders. I am well pleased with the fact that I can say he was part of my team at Ride Rasmussen Style. He is missed by each of us, and I am honored to have known and worked with this man who went out of his way to help others become better at the sport we all love.


Brandy Floyd

My favorite Josh story…. we were on a road trip and it was his job to keep the driver, me, entertained. His preferred method seemed to be singing in full on animated Roth style. The song Want You To Want Me came on and there he is in the passenger seat, aviators and all, belting out this song and seat dancing. If you know the song, you know it has some incredible high notes in it. He about ran me off the road from laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Still cant hear that song with out bustin up!

Duncan Lee

When I came onto the FXR team I was not sure what it would be like with the other top riders.  Being from California means Im kinda removed from the majority of the centre of the sled industry.  It seemed that the other guys were mostly located around Wyoming, so I sort of felt like an outsider,  for about 3 seconds……..  This was because everyone on the team is awesome.  They were all stoked, outgoing, and fired up to have me aboard.  But I must say Josh Roth had that little extra.  He and I clicked from the first time we met.  It was like we could have been brothers, always laughing at each other, and stoking the other up for riding hard.  I thought it was hilarious that Josh and I both would rock funny sunglasses,  he had his signature aviators and I would actually look for the most crazy ones I could find at the gas station.  

Josh was awesome,  his attitude towards everything was 120% fire,  he would charge into it and do it beyond right.  We actually started talking almost every day and would send each other some classic snap chats.  Mostly after the work day, or ride day photos of chilling in the hot tub with that apre brew.  Only getting to know Josh for a couple seasons really but I felt like we knew each other for years.  He came to ride in Tahoe and I came to ride in Wyoming,  we shared a positive outlook on life, and the want to push the bar higher every day.  Josh was committed to giving people the experience of a lifetime whether through his Hoback peak outfitters hunting and fishing business in the summer,  or his pro camp snowmobile clinics and guiding in the winter.  He was providing people with amazing moments they will never forget, and I dont think he realized that this was his everyday thing.  Even when not working and hanging with his friends and family he was making every moment memorable.  Now that we all have to look back at the moments we got to share with him, knowing that we will not have those again, sure puts a different look at it.   Even tho this has been hard and I have found myself crying while I ride because I know he isnt able to do the things he loved, or join me for more good times, we all have to look at the times we got to share with him and cherish those.  He changed everyone’s life that he met, and we need to keep that going.  So to honor Josh Roth I ask you all to charge into life with 120%.   I miss your face buddy.  #rothdawggin 

Tony Jenkins

I had the opportunity to spend a lot of great memories on the mountain with Josh when we worked together at Ride Rasmussen Style and I will never forget the adventures we had together.  Especially the time we were scooping out some new terrain for some guiding and both got to the top of the mountain and noticed we were out of gas. So what do I do? I decided to drop right off the top down through the trees right before dark. One thing about Josh is he was never scared to try anything. I ended up leading us down a drainage and it turned into running water with waterfalls.. Ill never forget his face when I told him there is no other way out of here but to keep heading down. At this time it was getting dark and we started riding our sleds off waterfalls and through downed trees. To make a long story short we ended up making it but there were a few words said to me that I laugh about still. Josh loved the mountains and he loved the challenges that snowmobiling brought to him. It was fun to watch him progress to the rider he became. Miss you man! 

Nick Skinner

January 3, 2014 was the first ride that I actually got to go on with Josh Roth! It was just him and I. We had been trying to get away with just us two for a couple years,  but with life being so busy this is where it started. I took Josh into a fun little zone where I grew up tree riding with my little bro Sahen. The snow was crazy deep that day, at least 3 feet of fresh snow, and still just dumping snow like crazy!! Josh had been harassing me for quite some time about always beating me. Skidoo was always going to be better than my Polaris. Well, as we got up in there, I knew I could put him into the hurt locker and I tried really hard all day it seemed like!! We were just brothers out ripping, pushing each other as hard as we could!! I was in the lead and made it about 100 yards away from Josh before I realized that he wasnt behind me anymore??? I turned around and started backtracking, then after about 10 minutes of waiting for him, I found him. He had his helmet off and it looked like he had just killed an elk up there on the side of the mountain… there was blood everywhere!!! With that smile he always had, he finally said, you got me Nick. The tree got the best of me. A tree branch came up underneath his helmet and fish hooked him right on the bottom lip and just tore his lip and he was bleeding everywhere!!! Man we laughed and laughed for about an hour, got his lip healed up and we were both so tired by that time, we just sat there. We couldnt move from giggling like a couple school girls and enjoying each others company. It was from this day on we tried to get with each other one-on-one at least once a year with our busy schedules, just to push each other on our sleds and have a good time up on the mountain. Josh would never back down from a challenge or back down from helping somebody out. Sure going to miss you buddy, but I know that youre here with me each and every day now everywhere I go!!!