Updates from Europe

April 24, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad

A couple of major events this weekend for our European riders. Firstly, the MXGP of Europe that was held in The Netherlands at the famed Valkenswaard track.

Honda Carglass MXGP rider Ander Valentin did not have the best of days in the sand in Valkensvaard. Spanish riders arent big fans of sand. He will shine when it comes to the hard packed tracks.

Indrek Magi did really well and qualified 12th in his group. His luck ran out however in the heat races. He will now head straight to Sweden for the MX1 nationals.

Dylan Walsh reached the finals in the EMX by way of the LCQ. 20 min + 2 lap motos…thats tough going in the sand.

Young Kriszian Tompa did a very well in Valkensvaard. He had just received shipment of his new Yamaha YZ 125 one day before the race and he qualified. Nice going Kriszian!


The second bit of big news out of Europe this weekend was of course the Yamaha Racing backed, Mikael Persson who pushed his overall standings to second place at the GP of Spain in the Enduro Junior Championship. Congratulations Mikael!