Amateur Spotlight | Jennie Högberg

May 5, 2017

by Dawn McClintock


This week we head to Sweden to chat with one of our fast women riders. Jennie Högberg tells us just what its like for a girl racing in Sweden.


Name: Jennie Högberg

Age: 22 years

Instagram: @jenniehogberg

Hometown: Härnösand, Sweden

Bike: Suzuki 250 RMZ 2014

Occupation: Hairdresser

How old were you when you started racing?
Hmm, around 16-17 years i think.

How did your season end up going for you last year?
Not so good as I expected. My goal was to start racing the last part of the season. The first part of my season went really well and the riding felt good but in the middle of my season I crashed quite hard and broke my keybone so I was done riding for about 5-6 weeks.

It’s always tough to get a full gate for the women’s class. How is the turn out for women/girl riders in Sweden? Are you seeing the sport growing for them?
Yes its tough here too. The girls often have to race in the same heat as the boys but I think this last 2 years we have seen more girls that are starting to ride. Of course I still wish there were many more to fill the gate.

Do you just race locally or do you have a national women’s race series you can travel all over Sweden?
No, for now I just race locally. This season Im going to race in Mittsverigecupen 2017.

What is your favourite track and why?
My favourite track is Sollefteå. I really like the sand sections and the hard pack part.

Do you do any training during the week? If so, what do you do?
Riding my bike as much as I can and going to the gym.

What is your proudest moto moment?
Would say it was when I successfully made the tabletop jump at my home track. I had tried a hundred times before I managed to jump it. Silly me haha!

What fun outdoor activities do you do in the off season?
Hmm, none I would say haha!

Do you have an all-time favourite rider you look up to?
I would probably say Ryan Dungey. Hes an amazing rider and a great role model.

What is your plan for this coming season?
To train and race much more than what I did last season. Train harder and set goals. Hope for good results. Do some starts in Mittsverigecupen 2017 and just have fun. Do my best and do what i love! Oh, and also I am hosting a girls camp at my local track this summer so that should be a lot of fun.

Is there one particular event you look forward to racing the most?
For now its just to have fun with the girls at the tracks in Mittsverigcupen.

Who are your sponsors?
FXR, Sollefteå Servicecenter, Bigballs MX and mum and dad.

Ok, thanks for catching up with us Jennie and all the best for your 2017 season.
Fun to talk to you, Thank you!