Catching up with Krisztian Tompa

May 18, 2017

by Dawn McClintock

A young ripper has entered the scene in the EMX series that runs with the MXGPs who is turning a few heads. When you think of a place like Romania, motocross isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but young Krisztian Tompa is taking on the fastest 125 riders in Europe and making a name for himself.

Name: Krisztian Tompa
Race #: 41
Hometown/Country: Sfantu Gheorghe/Romani
Instagram Account: @krisztiantompa
Bike: YZ125
Classes you ride: EMX125

Atilla Szabo photo

Hi Krisztian, welcome to the FXR family. How are you liking the gear?
Hello, first of all thanks for the opportunity to be part of the FXR family. I really like all the colours and the material choices of the gear. I believe FXR is a good company and will head to the top soon. Thank you for being by my side.


Can you tell us a bit about where you are from and what the motocross scene is like there?
I’m from Romania. In this country the racing is not very good and that’s why I choose to race more in Hungary.



At what age did you start riding/racing?
I started racing in 2005.


What are the tracks like in Romania? Do you have a lot of hard pack dirt or is it more sand type tracks?
We have some really good tracks but very not many to choose from. We have only hard pack tracks and no sand.



Did your family travel outside of Romania to have you compete in other countries or did you just do local Romanian races when you were younger?
We always go to other countries to have better competition.


That’s Krisztian and now EMX250 rider from Spain, Jorge Prado battling for 2nd place.


As a kid growing up you must have had some moto riders you looked up to. Who stands out as someone you admire?
When I was younger James Stewart was my favourite but now Roczen is the guy who I look up to most.



You are now travelling the MXGP circuit in the EMX125 class. Many riders in North America would be jealous since we no longer have 125 classes running as part of any national series. What is the experience like racing the EMX125?
It’s really fun racing 125. You get really good experience from riding those tracks together with GPs.


Describe what race day is like for you racing the EMX125 series.
Early Saturday morning we have the free/timed practice. Mid-day on Saturday is the LCQ and afternoon the first race. Sunday morning we have our second moto to finish out the weekend.


Atilla Szabo photo


I know you had some problems with your team you originally signed on with not committing to their end of the deal and you have some new support now. So do you travel from round to round with your family in a van or how does it work getting to each race?
Yes, we had bring problems with the team. At the last minute they folded the team. I travel from race to race with my parents in a camper.


How are you feeling about your finishes so far?
So far we have had two races. It ended up being just before the first race that I got the Yamahas so I felt very unprepared. In the second race had a really good qualifying time but due to my bad starts, I didn’t really get the results I wanted.


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Do you travel anywhere during the off-season to train or stay closer to home?
In Romania the winter is cold so we need to travel to warmer places to get in some good training.


How does the racing effect your school work?
I try to balance out both as best as I can.



Where do you see your race career taking you? Do you have some big goals?
 I try to do my best always and my goal is to some day become a GP rider.


We don’t see many motocross pros come out of Romania and it must be difficult to find extra support there. What would you tell a young rider from Romania if they were wanting to make it big?
Try to ride as much as possible in Holland/Belgium.


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What has been your favourite part about racing this EMX series?
My favourite part is getting to ride on really good tracks together with the GP guys.


Looking back do you have one moment in your career that stands out as a proud moment for you?
I think my proudest moment is when I got 3rd in the Junior World Championship in the 65cc class.


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It’s probably too soon to ask but what are your plans for next year?
I want to do EMX250 for the next year


I guess we know your country to be the host for the famous Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro. Do many riders in Romania do both motocross and off-road/enduro? Here in North America we typically see riders stick to one or the other.
No they don’t. We have a lot of riders in enduro but not so much in motocross.


Atilla Szabo photo


The competition for your 125 class must be very intense. What kind of numbers are there entering to race this class?
We are around 80 riders for a race. I always try to push to do my best.


Do you like to do any other non-moto sports/activities?
I like to do physical training as part of my moto program. I enjoy spending time with my friends and my dogs.



Thank you for chatting with us Krisztian. We wish you all the best for the rest of your season. Do you have a list of sponsors you would like to thank?
Thank you very much. I would like to thank:
 Yamaha Europe
 FXR Racing
 Fit Sped
 Reiner Verherstraeten and my parents