Glen Helen MX National | Photo Report

May 31, 2017

Photos by Krystyn Slack

Things are heating up in the west with the second round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships taking place at Glen Helen in San Bernardino, CA. Here is a look at some of the FXR athletes who were competing.

Dylan Schmoke looking chill in staging.

Schmoke #670 and Brandon Scharer #154 waiting on their practice.

You can bet Dylan Schmoke has clocked a few laps at this track.

Alex Ray has his form down and looking good for the outdoors.

Cracking out the Black Ops for practice. Alex Ray sends it.

Dylan Schmoke.

Brandon Scharer finished 23rd in moto 1.

Brent Rouse digging in for qualifiers.

Flying past the Glen Helen signature signage, Jeremy McCool focused on the finish.

McCool on the hunt in qualifiers.

Final prep before heading out for qualifying.

Marky Worth pulling out all the stops for qualifying.

Jerry Robin had a descent first moto finishing 19th.

Those hills though!

Heath Harrison getting his outdoor program dialled in.

Dylan Schmoke finished moto 1 in 27th place.

Brandon Scharer finished moto 1 with a 23rd.

Moto 2 didnt go quite as well for Scharer finishing 33rd.

Schmoke also had a bumpy moto 2 finishing 36th.

Heath Harrison pulled off a 21st after a first turn crash in moto 1.

Alex Ray on the gas. He finished moto 1 in 28th.

Dylan Schmoke rounded out his day at Glen Helen with 36th overall.

Brandon Scharer.

Jeremy McCool through the whoops like a boss.

Jeremy McCool.

Brent Rouse coming in hot.

Brent Rouse.

Pushing hard through time qualifiers with Brent Rouse.

Sean Lipanovich running some of the new 2018 kit at Glen Helen.

Eyeing up the competition.

A pretty awesome weekend for Jerry Robin considering he was not feeling well.

Blue Fade fly.

Jerry Robin and Marky Worth waiting on their moto.

Watch for some heads turned when this guy hits the track.

Marky cracked out his lit kit for his Glen Helen debut.

Keeping the pace with Jerry Robin.

Brad Lionnet taking 21st in the first moto.

Worth pouring it on through one whooped out track.

Mind the gap.

Marky Worth battling it out.

Brad Lionnet.

Worth leading the way through the whoops.

Brad Lionnet.


Corner style check #321.

Corner style check #558.

Ok, ten points for style Marky.

Worth went 18th in moto 1.

Off the finish line.

Them ruts!

Ray finds his groove.

Brandon Scharer had a rough end to his second moto when his tranny blew.

Heath Harrison pulled off a great second moto where he finished a solid 13th place.

Dylan Schmoke puts the pressure on for Dylan Merriam.

Plenty of corner rail options here…

…unless you get sideways.

Time to dig in.

Brad Lionnet finished 20th in his second moto.

Keeping it steady when youre sick to your stomach…not a fun job.

Robin would pull another 19th in moto 2.

Just ahead of Robin, Marky Worth would finish 18th in moto 1 and moto 2.

Time to hit the beach!

Marky Worth would round out his day finishing a respectable 20th.

Lionnet getting blasted with roost. He would finish the day with 23rd overall.

Keeping it pinned.

With a 19-19, Jerry Robin would finish his day with 22nd overall.

Heath Harrison put on a great ride at Glen Helen and finished 18th overall.

Brandon Scharer looking at a big week ahead of him with his bike out of commission.

Schmoke ready to take this to the next round.

Alex Ray would finish the day with 28-25 for a 27th overall.

Shameless BluCru plug.

Broke back track.

Who says you cant ride outdoors? Things are shaping up nicely for Alex Ray.

Sending it off some pretty crazy jumps at Glen Helen.

One solid finish to another weekend.

Team mates discuss lines or next trip to the barber.

Brad Lionnet ready to take on round 3.

See you guys next weekend!