Las Vegas SX | Photo Report

May 11, 2017

Photos by Krystyn Slack

Just like that the supercross season has finished up and some crazy stuff shook down in the final round at Las Vegas, and when I say crazy, has anyone else ever witnessed a race like that, ever? The hunt for the win gave way for both 250 and 450 classes to have drama right down to the final checkers. What a great showing our FXR athletes gave this supercross season and kudos to those privateers for slugging it out week in, week out. Congratulations to all of them for their hard fought season! Here is a snapshot from the final Vegas round with some of our riders. Lets bring on the great outdoors!

What can you say about Alex Ray. Hes been in this for the long haul and he topped his finishes in Vegas with a 16th. Way to go Alex!

Cade Clason also slugged it out through the entire series. He didnt have quite the results he was hoping for in Vegas.

Heath Harrison gets some air over the finish line jump.

Team Rockwell/Nuclear Blast takes time to sign some autographs for the fans.

Alex Ray and Cade Clason chatting it up with Davi Millsaps in staging.

The usual suspects in the line up.

Cade checking out the leader board times.

Alex Ray ready to rock.

When Krystyn points the camera over here, you smile like this ok?

Brad Lionnet and his wrench all set to go.

Henry Miller taking it through qualifiers.

A little Vegas backdrop shot with Paul Coates.

Tony Archer twisting the throttle in timed qualifiers.

Keeping it shady.

So Davi, how do you think Cade is going to make out in Canada this summer?

Checking out times way up high.

Josh Cartwright working his way through qualifiers.

Vegas scrub with Henry Miller.

Ryan Breece sends it in practice.

Brandon Scharer taking thing to the next level.

Zac Commans pushing hard through his fast lap in qualifiers.

Brad Lionnet on the gas.

Speed check with Tony Archer.

Speed check with Kyle White.

Cade Clason goes 25th in timed qualifiers.

Alex Ray finished 21st in qualifiers this sunny day in Vegas.

The waiting game.

Cade Clason getting in his zone.

Cade Clason and Henry Miller keep watch on the ever changing lines in Vegas.

Heath Harrison and Zac Commans comparing notes before their moto.

Style check with Tony Archer.

Style check with Kyle White.

Tony Archer takes a breather before his turn at timed qualifying.

That long walk to the line.

Show time with Alex Ray. He went 6th in Semi #1.

Brad Lionnet keeping the pace and goes 11th in Semi #1.

The K1 Speed/BW Engines boys keeping things light in staging.

Go time for the Honda guys.

Kyle White skims over the whoops.

White keeping things smooth and steady.

Tony Archer battled it out in Semi #2 and earned himself a 7th place.

Kyle White #291 and Cade Clason #80 pushing through the pack.

Brad Lionnet rockin the early 90s tips.

Cycle Trader/Rock River Yamaha boss lady, Christina keeping everybody in check.

Caption time here.

Josh Cartwright under the Vegas lights.

Henry Miller getting chased down by the spider cam.

A long hard fought season for Josh Cartwright.

Henry Miller will come out of the supercross season stronger and even more ready for what the outdoors holds for him.

Henry Miller and Tony Archer chatting it up before their motos.

We will see Cade Clason join forces with Redemption Racing in Canada to take on the Canadian MX Nationals this summer.

Thats a wrap folks. Enjoy the outdoors…or if youre Alex Ray, we will see you next SX!