Updates from Europe

May 16, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad

It was a huge weekend for FXR in the first round of the Swedish enduro championship. It was a podium filled weekend to be exact! We had 10 riders on the podium and 300 riders came out to ride the first round in Sweden.

FXR got full representation on the poster as well.

Team Yamaha Johanssons MPE team rider Niklas Persson was the winner in E1 class.

Niklas Persson

Erik Lungberg was the winner in the Junior E2 class.

The former European champion Martin Larsson on his new Husqvarna ride. He is the current leader in the E3 class.

Yamaha Johansson MPE 125 rider Emil Jonsson was the winner in the 125 cc Rocky Cup and second overall in the E1 class.

Husqvarna LeoVegas Hanna Berzelius is the overall leader in the womens class.

Husqvarna LeoVegas Albin Elowson is back from injury. Unfortunately, his comeback was not what he wanted with a DNF day one. Day two however was a good finish for Albin with a second overall.

Team Hedstrøms Motor rider Oliver Nelson was happy with a podium in E2.

Husqvarnas Robert Friberg had a good race with a win on day 1 and topping it off with a second win on day 2.

Husqvarnas Anton Sandsteth was second in the Junior E2 class.

Emil Gustavsson was 6 overall in E1.

Husqvarnas Amanda Elvin was third in the woman’s class.

Yamaha Johansson MPE rider Tommy Sjøstrøm is making real progress this year. He was fourth on day one but had a DNF day two and was complaining of stomach problems.

Hanna Berzelius

Mikael Persson had a rough weekend.

Alexander Brodin

Albin Elowson

Robert Friberg

Niklas Persson

Robert Friberg

Oliver Nelson

Hoy butikkens Rasmus Stenbacks.

Oliver Nelson

Albin Elowson

Hoy butikkens Rasmus Stenbacks on the gas.

Emil Gustavsson

Team Hoy Butikkens Martin Sundin is out with an old shoulder injury.

Alexander Brolin

Rasmus Stenbacks

Robert Friberg

Amanda Elvin

Team Hoy butikken

Oliver Nelson

Martin Larsson

Thumps up for Robert Friberg.

Yamahas Tommy Sjøstøm

Team Hoy butikken

Podium for the 125 cup with #1 Emil Jonsson

Womans class podium with #1 Hanna Berzelius and #3 Amanda Elvin

JSM1 class with #2 Emil Jonsson

JSM2 class with #1 Erik Ljunberg and #2 Anton Sandstedt

SM1 class with #1 Niklas Person

SM 2 class with #2 Albin Elowson and #3 Oliver Nelsson.

TOTAL #2 Albin Elowson and #3 Niklas Persson