Amateur Spotlight | Hunter Roempke

June 16, 2017

by Dawn McClintock

This weeks featured amateur athlete is Washington native Hunter Roempke. We have seen Hunter rise from junior ranks to a top runner in the B class. Lets learn more about another fast up and comer who will be showing his stuff at the Loretta Lynns Amateur National this summer.

Name: Hunter Roempke

Age: 19

Instagram: g_raff368

Hometown: Gig harbor WA

Bike: Yamaha 250 & 450

Classes Racing: 250 B stock and mod, 450 B mod and Collegeboy

School Grade/or Occupation: I graduated high school in 2016

Hey Hunter how has your season been going so far?
My season has been going good so far. Ive picked up a lot of speed and have gotten myself in a lot better shape than last year. I have also gained confidence in my riding which makes racing every weekend a little easier on myself.

Congrats on your recent ticket earned to Loretta Lynn’s! That must have been a great feeling qualifying for it.
Yes it is a big relief for me. I have been trying to qualify for Lorettas for years and to finally put it together and get it done. Feels unreal.

What class/classes are you going to be running at Lorettas?
I am qualified for Collegeboy and currently trying to qualify for 250 B mod.

Krystyn Slack photo

What sort of off-season training do you do?
I train at MTF (Milsaps Training Facility) year round. I go home for Christmas and after Lorettas in the summer other than that Im at MTF training.

How did your season end up going for you last year?
Last year was a mess. I had big hopes coming into it but it didnt go as planned at all. I had good speed on the bike at all the nationals but made way too many mistakes leaving me on the ground majority of the time.
What is your favourite track?
My favorite track is Washougal. It is my hometown track. There is no other track like it.
Who would you say is your main competition?  
My main competition is myself. I struggle mentally majority of the time. I would say I mentally hold myself back and it is something I continuously work on overcoming.
What sort of training do you do during the week?
I workout everyday before or after I ride. My gym trainer has our workouts planned for us. Mostly cardio workouts.

What’s your least favourite part of bike maintenance?
I have a mechanic that does all my bike work but when I did my own I hated washing air filters.

What fun outdoor activities do you do in the off season?
In the winter I back country snowmobile and snowboard. In the summer I wakeboard, jet ski and always with friends and family.

Do you have an all-time favourite rider you look up to?
Yes, I look up to Ken Roczen and Cole Seely mainly because he drifts cars [laughs].

What is your plan for this coming season? 
This upcoming season I will be moving to the A class. I just have to see how that goes and have fun.

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Is there one particular event you look forward to racing the most?
I look forward to qualifying and racing Lorettas every year.

Who is in your regular pit crew?
Just my mechanic Jake. He is really good at what he does and takes care of me.

Where do you see yourself in another 5 years?
Not really sure how many more years of racing I have left. Just trying to do as best as I can and have fun for now. After racing I will most likely be remodeling and flipping homes with my parents.

If you could give a younger rider who is just starting out one piece of advice, what would that be? It would just have to say have fun, dont take it too seriously and always give it your best. Never short yourself out because you didnt give it your all.

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Do you have any pre-race/start gate rituals you have?
I started listening to music before every race. Seems to calm me down and take my mind off of everything.

Do you have any other big US races planned?
I was thinking about racing Top Gun at Washougal later this summer but not sure as of right now. Mini Os would be my next big race.

Who are your sponsors?
Always my parents. Without them I would be nothing. MTF, FXR, 6D, Rekluse, 139, Racewheels, Mika, DWR motors, ICW, Motostuff, Factory Connection and Kyle at FMF.

Ok, thanks for catching up with us Hunter. Good luck with that remaining LLAQ and we will see you at the ranch.
Sounds good! Thanks for everything. Extremely grateful to have you guys in my corner. Look forward to seeing you guys at the ranch.