Amateur Spotlight | Marcus Deausy

June 2, 2018

We thought it rather timely to feature a young up and coming rider from the west coast of Canada since the Canadian Nationals will start this weekend in the west. Marcus Deausy is a young guy with some real natural talent who is really turning heads back home. Podium finishes seem to be a common occurrence when this kid shows up at a race. Keep your eye peeled for this guy, at the next 3 rounds of the nationals on the amateur day if youre out in BC and youll be sure to see him fighting for top spot at any west coast arenacross rounds this fall. 


Name: Marcus Deausy
Age: 13
Instagram: @marcusdeausy
Hometown: 150 Mile House, BC
Bike: YZ250F
Classes Riding: Junior MX2, MX3 & Schoolboy
School Grade: 7


Hi Marcus, thanks for taking time to chat with us. We hear you are really on a roll there out west getting some pretty amazing results. Tell us about your season so far.
Thanks Dawn! This season has been awesome so far! This year Ive raced the MCQMX north and south series in BC, 3 times in Kamloops and once in Kelowna, Quesnel and last weekend was my home town race in Williams Lake. 6 motos each race and I have won every moto. All 36 in total. Also I have holeshots in 33 motos.


Wow, you are off to an amazing season Marcus! So when did you start racing?
I started racing when I was 5 years old.


Do you come from a racing family?
No one in my family has raced before but they support me in every way they can.



You seem to have arenacross dialled in too. How long have you been doing indoor stuff?
Arenacross is so much fun! Ive raced the whole series for 3 years now.


What is your home track and do you have a favourite one?
My home track is Williams Lake. My favourite track is Kamloops but I pretty much like all tracks.


I’m sure you must have some stiff competition in your classes. Who are the main guys you go bar to bar with every weekend?
There are lots of fast guys, Burg Giliomee, Julian Benek and Mitchel Bradbury have given me a good challenge this year.



Do you have any sort of training/practice regimen during the week?
I usually only ride once during the week but I try to get in the gym and road bike as much as I can.


What do you do during the off-season to get yourself ready for the year?
Off-season I try to ski as much as I can. I work out in the gym and sometimes stud my tires so I can ride on the snow and ice.


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
In 5 years Ill be 18 so I hope to be a pro racing the Canadian nationals. My parents say I can take a year after high school to race before going to university.



Do you have any pro riders that you have looked up to and what makes them stand out to you?
Ive been very fortunate to get to know both Brock Hoyer and Jess Pettis They are two pros that I look up to. They have been very good to me and taught me a lot.


What are your plans for racing this summer? Any plans for heading to the Walton TransCan?
Im racing the first 3 rounds of the pro nationals on amateur day. After that I plan to do a couple local races then race the CMRC amateur nationals in Revelstoke BC. I wont be doing Walton but I hope one day I can. I have heard its an awesome event!


I’m guessing you have AX on your to do list this fall. Where do you travel for arenacross?
Yes for sure. I cant wait for arenacross this fall. All the races are a 4-5 hour drive for us.


James Lissimore photo


Do you have any non-moto activities you like to do?
I like all sports but my favourite sports always have wheels. I also like just hanging out with my friends.


What do you love most about motocross?
I love everything about motocross!


What is your proudest moment from racing?
Probably proudest of the season getting 36 wins in 36 motos so far.



Wow thats a pretty amazing accomplishment! If you had to do the math, what percentage of your clothing is moto related?
Id say it would probably be about 50%.


Thanks for chatting with us Marcus. All the best with your 2017 season. Give a shout out to everyone who is helping you out at the races.
Thanks Dawn!  I would really like to thank FXR, Spectra Powersports, Yamaha Canada, Factory Connection, CTI, Hoyer Enterprises, Gibson Tyres, Laughing Loon, Canwest Propane, Sheridan Lake Resort, Bill Nelson, my Mom, Dad, brother and a grandparents for all their support!