Canadian MX Nationals | FXR Top 100 Roster

June 2, 2017

Its finally here! The opening round of the Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian Motocross Nationals touches down in Kamloops, BC at the Whispering Pines MX track. We have narrowed down the Top 100 list to just our FXR athletes and theres a truck load of talent in those numbers and also to note, there are going to be some exciting 3 digit guys in the mix to keep things interesting, week-in, week-out. Hold on tight because its going to be a wild ride! Welcome to the Canadian outdoors.


#7      Cade Clason

#12    Shawn Maffenbeier

#16     Jesse Pettis

#17    Marky Worth

#19    Hayden Halstead

#21    Davey Fraser

#24    Ryan Lalonde

#40   Taylor Ciampichini

#41    Mike Fowler

#44   Jason Burke

#53   Broc Loftus

#76  Daniel Mathe

#79   Jason Abernethy

#96  Brock Hoyer