Catching up with William Andersson

June 8, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad


Name: William Andersson

Instagram: willeandersson79

Residence: Huskvarna/Sweden

Bikes for 2017: Husqvarna 250F

Class for 2017: MX2

Race series for 2017: Swedish nationals and Junior nationals

Favorite track/course: Bökeslund/Sweden

MX/Enduro rider you admire and why: Jeffrey Herlings. Love the way he rides and how he uses the track

Your proudest race moment: When I won the 125cc nationals in 2014

Race day meals: Nothing special, just the same as during the week

Pre-race rituals you have: I go out running to get myself into race mode

Best memory from a race: When I won a heat in the Gearman ADAC series on a 85cc

Off the track activities/hobbies: Running

What do you love most about this sport: The adrenaline before the race

Goals for the 2017 season: Top 5 in SM and top 3 in Jsm

Your list of sponsors: Husqvarna Bloms MX Racing, FXR Racing, Ekholms, MSN, lindroht, june express, MJ handel, gasol specialisten, GMS Sports, Abrahamsson,