Kamloops MX National | Photo Report

June 7, 2017

Perfect conditions for round one of the Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian MX Nationals dropped this past weekend at the Whispering Pines MX track in Kamloops, BC. And what a start to the season it was! The Womens MX National was held on Saturday along with the amateur day and FXR was on top of the box! The pro national was held on Sunday and once again FXR was on top of the box! Here is a look at the weekends action.


No stranger to the Canadian series #7 Cade Clason made his return with the Redemption Racing team this year. | James Lissimore photo

Clason seemed at home on the Kamloops track. He took 11th place in moto 1. | James Lissimore photo

Cade finished a solid 8th in moto 2 to give him a 9th overall. | James Lissimore photo

The return of east coast rider Davey Fraser. | James Lissimore photo

Davey Fraser #21 worked his way to 11th place in MX2 moto 1. | James Lissimore photo

A good day for Fraser finishing 13th in moto 2 for a 13th overall for round one. | James Lissimore photo

A tough day for AE Racing team member #98 Graham Klassen. A nasty crash in moto 2 left Graham with a broken tib/fib. Wishing you a speedy recovery Graham. | James Lissimore photo

New to the series this year is Australian import, #614 Geran Stapleton. Some may remember him from the Australian SX series last year where he beat out Jimmy Decotis. Keep an eye on this guy. If he keeps it on two wheels he will be up there in the top ten mix. | James Lissimore photo

On his second year with the MX101 squad, #19 Hayden Halstead has put the training time in over the off season and is ready for battle in the MX2 class. Watch for some good results from Halstead this summer. | James Lissimore photo

Halstead would go 14-8 for the day giving him an impressive 11th overall. | James Lissimore photo

Surrey, BC native, James Moran #997 put in a 33-25 to give him 30th overall. | James Lissimore photo

Another MX101 team member who has clearly done his homework in the off season. Jess Pettis looking to be a strong contender for this years MX2 class. | James Lissimore photo

Pettis made quick work out of the Whispering Pines track on Sunday. | James Lissimore photo

MX101 team mates, #12 Shawn Maffenbeier and #16 Jess Pettis waiting on the gate drop. | James Lissimore photo

Gate prep time for Jess Pettis. | James Lissimore photo

Pettis was 2nd off the start with team mate Maffenbeier on his heels in moto 1. | James Lissimore photo

A job well done for the MX101/FXR/Yamaha team with a 1-2 in moto 1. Shawn Maffenbeier being congratulated by Jess Pettis father Doug. | James Lissimore photo

A little deja vu from Kamloops 2016. Jess Pettis takes to the podium for a well deserved 2nd place in moto 1. He would go on to finish 5th in moto 2 to give him 4th overall. | James Lissimore photo

Beech Creek, PA native, Mike Fowler back for more in Canada this year. A bit of bike trouble during MX2 practice squashed his hopes of double classing in Kamloops. | James Lissimore photo

A solid finish in the MX1 class however for Mike Fowler, going 17-15 for a 15th overall. | James Lissimore photo

Some freshies ready for race day. | James Lissimore photo


Another PA guy back up to give the Canadian series a try. Ryan Batman had a 31-28 for a 31st overall. | James Lissimore photo

Alberta rider #126 Teren Gerber totally rocked MX2 and came away with a 17th overall. | Michael Earl photo

Ryan Lalonde #24 is another west coast guy who is showing great potential this season. | James Lissimore photo

Ryan Lalonde #24 would go 20-15 for an impressive 16th overall. | James Lissimore photo

An old familiar face to the nationals, #501 from Saskatchewan, Ryan Millar took some time off to start a family and has dusted off his boots for his return. Welcome back Ryan! | James Lissimore photo

Millar would go 19-14 for a solid 16th overall at Kamloops. | James Lissimore photo

The Maff suiting up. | James Lissimore photo

Shawn Maffenbeier on the line and ready to take on the day. | James Lissimore photo

Maffenbeier has always been smooth and seems to have really done his homework in the off season. | James Lissimore photo

Calm and collected in the pits. | James Lissimore photo

Gate prep time for the Maff. | James Lissimore photo

Dominance was the word of the day for Maffenbeier. | James Lissimore photo

Nothing beats winning a moto except winning BOTH motos and finding your dad at the finish line with his shirt off waving it like a mad man. | James Lissimore photo

The 2017 season is off to a flying start for Shawn Maffenbeier. | James Lissimore photo

Your Kamloops MX2 podium. See you in Prince George this weekend! | James Lissimore photo