Prince George MX National | Photo Report

June 13, 2017

Photos by James Lissimore

Round 2 of the Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian MX Nationals was held at a track that is new to the circuit. Prince George Motocross Association put on a great event and impressed riders with the calibre of track they had. These guys obviously put a ton of work into getting their track up to standards and it sounds like there will be more national races held at the Blackwater MX track in Prince George, BC in upcoming years. Heres a look at some of the action from the weekend.

The dominating ladies rider, Shelby Turner had fun in the slippery Prince George mud.

#241 Lisa Matechuk rounded out her day with 23-24 for a 25th overall.

Madi Watt #6 took a 14-7 to give her 9th for the day.

Shelby Turner with the checkers. She lapped up to 3rd place.

Congrats again to #1 Shelby Turner who is sweeping the west!

What a treat it was to see Snowbike champ, Brock Hoyer back out mixing it up in the pro class.

A few words of wisdom before the gate drops.

Hoyer would take 14-13 for a solid 13th overall.

You may notice a few of our riders with their Cold Cross vests on at Prince George. The cold and wet start to the day warranted some extra layers.

Redemption Racing squad member Cade Clason went 8-12 for an impressive 10th overall.

Clason starting to find his groove north of the border.

Davey Fraser on the gas.

Fraser went 14-12 for 13th overall at Prince George.

Speaking of finding their groove, Australian Geran Stapleton is on the move in the MX2 class.

Stapleton would finish his day with a 13-11 for a solid 11th overall.

On the hunt. Hayden Halstead with a break out year is really proving that hes got what it takes.

Halstead would finish the day with an impressive 10-7 for 8th overall.

James Moran #997 would take 36-34 for 37th overall.

Pettis sizing up his hometown track before morning practice.

MX101 crew looking sharp in their Cold Cross vests. If you want one, they will be available when our 2018 line launches the end of the summer.

Pettis with his focus on getting back up on that podium.

Pettis was on fire in Prince George and took 2-2 for 2nd overall.

Pettis back on the box in his hometown.

All smiles for a job well done.

Jess Pettis couldnt have asked for a better crowd to cheer him on. This whole place lit up for him.

Just a short 8 points divide Pettis from the top spot in MX2.

Pettis sharing some swag with his hometown crew.

#41 Mike Fowler would go 38-19 for 23rd overall.

Your Prince George MX2 podium.

#24 Ryan Lalonde would finish his day with 16-14 for a solid 15th overall.

Ryan Millar would go 17-21 for 20th overall.

Andy White doubling as wrench for Millar.

Getting in some final stretches before moto time for Shawn Maffenbeier.

Shawn looking poised and ready for battle.

Maffenbeier laying down some fast lap times here in Prince George.

A solid first moto for Maffenbeier.

A third place finish in moto 1 saw Maffenbeier back on the box.

Shawns got what it takes to be a top contender for this MX2 class.

Some bad luck in moto 2 squashed Maffenbeiers hopes for a return to the podium. He hit a rock that damaged his water pump and caused him to DNF.

Another great weekend for Teren Gerber who went 17-17 for 17th overall. See you guys next weekend!