Regina MX National | Photo Report

June 29, 2017

Photos by James Lissimore

Well here we are closing the door on the western leg of the national circuit here in Canada. Reginas Moto Valley Raceway hosted round 4 and heres some of the photo highlights from last weekend.

Shelby Turner on the line with #6 Madi Watt. Shelby and Madi will be team mates representing Canada at the ISDE in France this August.

Turner out front and hammer down off the start here in Regina.

Shelby would take a couple spills in moto 1 that would leave her with 2nd place.

Madi Watt would go 3-6 for an impressive 4th overall.

Anna Laliberte #364 would go 10-11 for a 10th overall.

Shelby pulled off a 2-1 to get the overall win at Regina and also clinch the Western Womens MX title.

Congratulations to another successful year Shelby!

Double dipping on the holeshot cheques and then Turner would drive all the way back to Calgary to compete in the Red Bull Rocks and Logs Endurocross event where she finished 2nd.

Anthony Spadaccini took 22-25 for 24th overall.

A solid weekend for Cade Clason.

Clason would take a well earned 6th place in moto 1.

Cade was off to a fantastic start near the front of the pack in moto 2. He ended up finishing 7th in that moto and he went 7th overall in Regina.

Davey Fraser all smiles and for a good reason. Regina would be his best race to date this season.

The always stylish Fraser finished a solid 7th in moto 1.

In moto 2 Fraser would finish 8th to give him 8th overall.

The Halstead train is coming through.

Hayden Halstead would take 13-10 for 12th overall.

Jess Pettis sports his Cold Cross vest for practice.

A tweaked shoulder from the week previous left Pettis with some pain but he was certain he would be able to ride in Regina.

Pettis hucking it past the Moto Valley Raceway monument, the Moto-X van.

Pettis lines up at the gate with his team mate Shawn Maffenbeier.

Unfortunately for Jess, his damaged shoulder only got worse on the rough Regina track and durning the first moto, he felt something click. He managed to muscle through and finish his moto with an amazing 4th place finish.

Pettis ended up with a broken collar bone and went into surgery on Wednesday morning to have it plated.

Hope to see you back soon Jess!

Pennsylvania native Mike Fowler went 18-17 for 16th overall.

FXR boss man Milt Reimer joins the MX101 team at the podium as Shawn Maffenbeier packs his FXR swag bag to throw out to the fans.

Ryan Lalonde would take 23-16 for 21st overall.

Saskatchewan native, Ryan Millar has style for miles.

Millar would go 15-16 for 15th overall. You will see Ryan under the FXR rig for the remaining eastern rounds along with some wild card guys who plan on showing up for a round here and there.

Young Alberta native Teren Gerber is turning some heads with his finishes this season. A yellow plate guy last season to running up with mid-pack pros this season, hes going places. Teen would finish out his day in Regina with a 17-14 for a 16th overall.

Maffenbeier rocking his Cold Cross vest for practice too.

Maff and Cale getting ready to head to the line.

Race face…well just leave this right here.

A rough go for Shawn Maffenbeier in moto one where he ended up with his brake pedal wedged into his boot and that allowed his bike to get pinned on top of him. The only way to get out of this sticky situation was to physically remove his boot to get out from under his bike. He soldiered back to finish that moto in 16th place.

Shawn on a charge to gain back some positions.

Back on track for moto 2, Maffenbeier finished an impressive 2nd place with only a stones throw separating him from 1st.

Always time for the fans. Maffenbeier with some high fives after his moto.

Nailing down that podium spot. Maffenbeier back on the box.

Looking forward to the east. See you there!