Updates from Europe

June 8, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad

Enduro GP

FXR riders Yamaha Johansson MPE rider Mikael Persson and Husqvarnas LeoVegas rider Albin Elowson had a fantastic day one in the Italian GP where they went second and third.

Mikael Persson in the Italian woods.

Albin Elowson

Yamaha Johansson Mikael Persson on the podium.



Swedish MX Nationals

Bloms MX Racing William Andersson is starting find his groove in the MX2 class in Sweden.

Some really nice style here.


Swedish National Enduro

Husqvarna Scandinavia/LeoVegas enduro team.

Husqvarnas Albin Elowson finished second overall.

Erik Ljunberg is number one in the Junior class.

LeoVegas Husqvarna rider Robert Friberg.

Husqvarna rider Martin Larsson leads the E3 class.

Anton Sandstedt

Yamaha Johansson MPE rider Mikael Persson currently running in 2nd in points.

Team Hedstrøms Motors rider Oliver Nelson is third overall.

Yamaha Johanssons Niklas Persson leading the E1 in Sweden.


Mathias Plessers had a good run in the first EMX 300 race in Germany.

Honda Careless Racing team member, Ander Valentin is out with a twisted knee after leading the Spanish nationals. Heal up soon, we want you back Ander.