Pleasant Valley MX National | Photo Report

July 25, 2017

Photos by James Lissimore

The Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian MX Nationals worked its way east and this stop was held in Truro, NS at the old familiar Pleasant Valley track. There were some mixed feelings on the track with some saying it was quite narrow and one lined in spots. Some pretty epic battles shook down in Truro and we had a very pleasant surprise with our own Jess Pettis making his return from broken collarbone. Like the guy he is, we knew he would come out swinging hard but we werent quite prepared for just how ready Jess was to get himself back in the mix. Lets take a look at some of the images from Sundays race.

Always the crowd favourite when the series swings to the east coast. Davey Fraser was the local guy with everyone hanging over the fence cheering him on.

Time for a tear off. Davey Fraser aka Mister Consistency has been sure and steady with his results week-in, week-out.

Fraser would take 15-5 to finish an impressive 7th overall at Pleasant Valley.

Another local favourite is #122 Devin Sleigh who went 23-17 for 20th overall.

Halstead has been pushing the envelope every week and knocking on that top 5 door.

Halstead had a really good run at Pleasant Valley but a red cross flag jump ended up costing him 5 positions in moto 2. Hayden would finish the day with 10-14 for an 11th overall.

The MX101/Yamaha/FXR crew preps their gate.

Ontario fast guy, Jamie Hajgato #675

Round seven marked the return of MX101/Yamaha/FXR rider Jess Pettis after he has missed a few rounds with broken collarbone and surgery.

Jess was able to get his shoulder plated and he was back on his game this past weekend in Truro.

It was like Pettis had never left the series at all. Jess charged hard and pulled a 2nd place in moto 1.

Jess even got a chance to try out his new 2018 gear that has been waiting on the shelf for him.

Getting back on the podium where Jess knows he belongs.

Pettis takes his spot on the stage to speak to Travers about his comeback.

Moto 2 in much the same form as we are accustomed to seeing, Pettis pours it on, charges hard and takes the win.

Pettis getting congratulated by his team at the stage.

An emotional day for Jess Pettis taking his career first win in the Canadian nationals.

Pettis heads to the podium for the second time on Sunday.

Pettis currently sits 9th in points in the series and ready to prove himself at the next 3 remaining rounds.

Congrats on a great ride Jess!

A taste of sweet victory.

Back to his old form, Mike Fowler has found his groove.

Fowler would go 12-11 for 11th overall. Riverglade as the next stop on the circuit, this is the track Mike has been looking most forward to racing.

Ironman Ryan Lalonde decided this would be a good time to double class and he slayed it! 13th OA in MX1 and 14th OA in MX2. It must have felt like one very long day for Ryan.

Ryan Millar would go 17-13 for 14th overall.

Maffenbeier gearing up for moto 1 along side team mate Jess Pettis.

Chasing the points lead is still weighing in the back of Shawns mind.

Charging hard and keeping a good gap from second place.

Team mates go 1 and 2 in the first moto.

Maffenbeier would take the win easily for moto 1.



MX101 gets much deserved podium time with both Maffenbeier and Pettis taking their place on the box.

All smiles for the fans in Truro.



Maffs wrench, Cale Foster is the guy who gets things sorted under the tent.

Shawn Maffenbeier on the gas to salvage as much as he could after mechanical problems left him on the side of the track.

Maffenbeier was able to remount and charge hard to regain some positions. He ended up finishing in 24th place in moto 2 and now holds the coveted red plate for next weekend.

Local Viduqie, NS rider Wilhelm MacDonell would go 21st overall. See you guys in Moncton!