Updates from Europe

July 18, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad

Kawasaki Sweden/Bergmans motor team rider Motor Indrek Magi on the start at Varberg, Swedish national

Heavy rain under Sunday´s race. Indrek put his FXR Breaker jacket on

Magi on the gas.

Husqvarna/Bloms MX rider William Anderson on Saturday.

Not the best of weekends for Husqvarna/Bloms MX rider William Andersson. His shoulder pops out two times this weekend. Tough guy.

Mathias Plessers was best of the two strokes in Holland.

WZ racing rider Thomas Sileika was third in the first heat in Germany.

Mechanic on his way to work.

Eric Schwalla ready for the German ADAC.

Eric Schwella on the start.