2017 ISDE Team Sweden | Day 2

August 29, 2017

by Gjermund Frostad

Day 2 in France was a bad day for the Swedish Junior team with Mikael Persson who is out with bike problems. The Swedish Womans Trophy team however had themselves a good day and are now sitting in fourth place.
Albin Elowson is having a great Six Days event so far with 10 place overall and currently best Junior rider.
Club team member Anton Sandstedt was forced to return home to Sweden after the incident last week where several Team Sweden bikes were stolen in France. Anton had not only his bike but his van and trailer taken.

Individual: 1) Ryan Sipes, USA, 38:49.67, 2) Josep Garcia, Spain, 38:52.11, 3) Davide Guarneri, Italy, 38:53.06. 10) Albin Elowson, Sweden, 39:23.83. 

Womens Trophy: 1) Australia, 1:30:44.99, 2) USA, 1:31:53.82, 3) France 1:34:44.19, 4) Sweden, 1:37:15.05, 5) Italy, 1:40:55.08. 

World Trophy: 1) France, 5:11:26.89, 2) Australia, +4:19.56, 3) Finland, +5:49.69, 4) Portugal, +12:50.56, 5) Sweden, +17:30.40.

Womens Trophy team member Amanda Elvin.

Oliver Nelson

Niklas Persson

Robert Friberg

Albin Elowson